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Jamie Vaughn and Trevor Mayne have been best friends for fourteen years.  Lately things have been rocky between them, mostly stemming from the fact that Jamie is in love with Trevor, and knows that Trevor is the only man he will ever truly want.  But Trevor is straight, sleeping with an endless stream of women, and Jamie knows there is no hope for a future between them.  In fact, Jamie is pretty sure it is time to make some major changes in his life, unable to live with the pain of pining for a man he can never have.  When Trevor is avoiding Jamie for their daily run, Jamie takes that as the sign that getting away from Trevor might be what is best.  That is until he is running along a wooded trail and stumbles upon Trevor, unconscious, bleeding, and near death.

When Trevor awakens in the hospital, he has no idea how he got there or who the man is who has maintained an endless vigil by his bed. In fact, Trevor doesn’t even remember his own name, nor anything about his life.  The doctors are not sure when he will recover his memory, or if it will even come back at all.  But Trevor is comforted by Jamie’s constant presence, feeling a connection to the man even though he doesn’t remember their past.  But not just an emotional connection — it turns out Trevor is strongly attracted to Jamie as well.

Jamie is shocked to learn that Trevor awoke from his head injury confident that he is gay.  As long as Jamie has known him, Trevor has never showed any signs of being interested in men. On one hand, this is a dream come true for Jamie — the man he loves finally wants him back. But Jamie is also wary of what might happen when Trevor’s memories come back. He is not sure he can bear the pain of having Trevor as a boyfriend, only to lose him again.  But Trevor is confident that he will always want Jamie, and is determined to give their relationship a try.

At the same time, Trevor is struggling to remember what he was doing the day he got injured.  He learns that he was involved in an investigation for the Forestry Service, something top secret and quite huge.  His partner is desperate for whatever information Trevor can remember, as they are so close to breaking the case and time is of the essence.  As Trevor slowly uncovers more about the investigation, and begins to remember details about what he had learned prior to his injury, it all becomes even more horrific.  Not only that they are missing kids, but also links to Trevor’s own past.  As Trevor continues to dig into the case, more memories resurface. But there are people out there determined that Trevor not remember what he knows, and who are willing to do anything they can to stop him from figuring it out.

When I read a romantic suspense, what I am really looking for is that perfect balance between the two elements.  I want both a great, well developed romance, and I also want an exciting, action-packed thriller.  I am so happy to say that author Christi Snow really delivers with Snowcroft Lost, and I was completely captivated both by the romance between Trevor and Jamie, as well as the excellent suspense elements.

So, starting with the romantic end, what I really loved here is how Snow takes something that doesn’t seem to totally work on paper, and completely sells it.  I mean, the idea of a guy getting hit on the head and waking up gay should be total eye roll crazy, yet it works perfectly here.  It never felt contrived to me, and as the story continues and we learn more about the case and Trevor’s past, it just completely works.  Snow also really makes us feel Jamie’s pain and anxiety here.  On one hand, he finally has what he has been dreaming about — a real chance with Trevor, who now not only is hot for him, but truly loves and wants to be with him.  But on the other hand, Jamie would just be shattered if Trevor’s memories come back and suddenly he wants women again. It adds a layer of such great tension to their relationship.  At the same time, the guys are really delicious together.  Both are tough strong men who are also so hot for each other, but with some playfulness as well.  The story has a lot of heat and Snow gives us some amazing, sexy scenes.

On the other end, the story also has a great suspense element that slowly develops over the course of the book.  At first the mystery just seems to be what Trevor was doing out in the woods and how he got hurt.  Then we learn about his role in a larger investigation and pieces begin to come together involving Trevor’s past, folks in the town, and his investigative partner.  As they dig further, all the different elements begin to connect.  At the same time, it becomes clear there are threats, to both Trevor and Jamie, and that someone is trying to keep them from figuring out what is really going on.  The investigation is exciting and the case is honestly horrific, and all of it kept me completely engrossed throughout the book.

So really, I can’t say enough good about this one. And I am super excited that this is the first of a new m/m series for Snow.  In the Author’s Note at the end she gives us an idea of where the series is going and what future stories will bring and I am really so excited for more (don’t read it until after you finish the book because of spoilers).  So this one was really a hit for me, just a great blend of sexy romance and exciting suspense.  Highly recommended.

Cover: Oh, I like this cover.  Super sexy and very lovely.

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