small_newsHi everyone!  Last but not least, tonight I am so excited to introduce you to our new reviewer Jason!  Jason will have his first review this week and will be reviewing with us a couple of times a month.  Here is a little bit about him…

Jason lives in small town Ontario, Canada with his partner of 19 years, two dachshunds and a senile cat.  He spends most of his disposable income to feed his reading obsession and has perfected the art of reading while he walks on his breaks, much to everyone’s amazement.  With an unhealthy number of humourous graphic t-shirts, he can be found with either with a paperback or his iPad in hand at any given time.

As a fellow obsessive reader, he should fit right in!

So for now we are set with new folks for a while. Thanks to everyone who expressed interest in joining our team!

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