small_newsHi everyone! I am so excited to announce a second new reviewer starting here at Joyfully Jay!  Michelle will be joining us and her first review will be on Friday.  She will be starting out probably reviewing a couple of times a month.

Michelle shares her home with her husband, a son that makes her laugh every day and two pure bred cats that follow her from room to room. She spends her days working as an editor valiantly trying to preserve the English language. As a former event planner and recipe developer with a professional pastry certification, Michelle can plan and execute the perfect party and never goes anywhere empty handed as someone is always requesting their favorite dessert. She carves out time for spinning and weight training and has mastered the art of reading while on the treadmill. 

We are so excited to have Michelle joining us so please give her a big welcome.  I am anticipating one more announcement coming soon so I will keep you posted!


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