Hello everyone! Today I am so pleased to welcome back the fabulous Brien Michaels!  Brien is here to talk to us about the latest book in his Sexy College Studs series, Call Me, Maybe.   He has brought along a super sexy excerpt for us to enjoy.  So welcome Brien!


Thanks so much for having me back on, Jay! I always love coming here. *Hugs*

So today I’m going to be sharing an excerpt from my latest release Call Me, Maybe book 3 in my Sexy College Studs series. It’s a little scene I like to call the Hot Off. You’ll see why. 🙂 Without further ado…


There was that blush again. One of these days, Sly was going to need the Jaws of Life to pull his foot out of his mouth. He decided to let his statement stand and turned his attention to his computer.

“The novelty will wear off real fast, though,” he said. “Pretty soon it’ll be just like any other job—only doing it for the paycheck.”

“Is that why you do it?”

Sly was silent for a moment. “Most of the time. Every so often I get someone who’s worth talking to. Never lasts long, though.”

“Maybe you’ll get someone again soon.”

Fuck, that was loaded. Sly ignored Adam’s remark and pulled up his page on the Sexy College Studs Web site.

“I have to ask…” Adam started.

When he didn’t continue, Sly looked at him. The freshman’s cheeks were so flushed his head looked like it might explode any second. Just like that, Sly knew what the question was. He’d been prepared for it, so he waited for Adam to finish.

“Are all the guys who work here gay?”

Sly smirked. Nice phrasing, kid. “Most of us, yeah. We get a guy who says he’s straight every now and then, and sometimes he’s right. But sooner or later most of them wind up fucking some dude in the back room of a bar.” He thought of Robbie and wondered which type of “straight” he was.

Adam swallowed. “When you say most of us…”

“Yes, I’m gay,” Sly said. “I’m guessing you are too. Or do you always have a boner like that?”

Adam’s hands flew to his lap, but he might as well have left them where they were for all the good it did.

“Relax. I’m not gonna try to molest you or anything. We work together. We’re…partners for the time being. That’s it.” Sly hoped that was a good enough way to let Adam down easy.

It must have been, because Adam let the subject drop. They spent the rest of the time browsing the Internet and talking about Adam’s farm upbringing.

At eight on the dot, Sly’s phone rang. Eddie’s name stared up at them. “Showtime.” He answered the call and put it on speaker. “Hey, there.”

“It’s good to hear your voice, Sly.” Eddie sounded more cheerful than usual, his voice practically squeaking with delight.

“You too, Eddie. How was your week?” Eddie launched into his story, and Sly hit the Mute button. “Eddie’s a cool guy. But even if they aren’t, some of them still like to think you care about how they’re doing. Some guys don’t call just for the sex. It’s more about the companionship for them.” Adam nodded, and Sly unmuted.

“So my boss wants to promote me now to manager of the produce section.”

“That’s great! I’m glad to hear you’re doing well. But hey, there’s something I need to ask you.”

“Go ahead.” Eddie sounded apprehensive.

“The thing is…I’m training this guy.” He groped around for a name to use. His gaze fell on a stack of CDs near the edge of his desk. “Avril.” He peeked at Adam to see if the name was okay. Adam didn’t seem to have any complaints. “So I was wondering if you’d mind if he sat in on the call with us tonight. Maybe you’d want to help me out a little?”

“Two for the price of one?”

Sly could almost hear him salivating. Eddie had always had a fantasy about three-ways and had been trying to convince Sly to bring in another dude for months. “Yup. You interested?”

“Fuck yes.” It came out a groan.

Sly smiled.

“Hey, Av,” he called as though Adam were somewhere off in the distance. “You can come in now.”

Adam’s eyes went wide. He shook his head vigorously, protest written all over his face.

Sly shrugged, smirking. “He’s a little shy, Eddie. But I’m gonna go get him.” He silenced the call once again. “Dude, there’s no turning back. And no time like the present to jump in. So you’re gonna take this call with me, and we’re gonna start your training off right. Otherwise I can tell Jackson you didn’t want to do it, and we can find someone to replace you.” Harsh, sure. But it got the job done.

Adam nodded reluctantly and gestured for Sly to hit the button so Eddie could hear them.

“Sorry about that,” Sly said. “But he’s here now.”

“Hi, Avril,” Eddie said.

“Hey.” Adam’s voice was shaky, and fuck, Sly had never seen anyone look so terrified. But Adam had nothing to worry about. Like Jackson had said, he was in good hands.

“So what did you have in mind for tonight?” Sly asked, leaning in closer to the phone.

“I didn’t. But now…” Eddie sounded breathless. “So many things… So many…”

“It’s your fantasy, sexy.” Sly dropped his voice to a purr. He knew it would drive Eddie crazy. “Take the reins.”

“Why don’t we pretend I’m new to all this? The gay scene, I mean. What if I called you guys over to help…initiate me?”

“Mmm. That sounds sexy. You think we can do that, Avril?”

Adam opened his mouth slowly, like he wasn’t sure he wanted any part of it. Sly threw him a disbelieving look and gestured for him to speak. Eddie couldn’t hear movements.


Sly rolled his eyes. Adam made no effort to change the tone of his voice or anything. God, this was going to be a long night.

“Take it away, Eddie.”

“But I’m nervous…”

“Don’t be. We won’t let anything happen to you.” Sly grinned. Eddie fancied himself a bit of an actor, so almost every one of their calls was some kind of role-play. That small addition kept the calls interesting, to say the least. “Will we?” He nudged Adam with his knee.

“Of course not. We’ll take good care of you.”

That was better, Sly supposed. He almost bought the little lilt Adam had added.

Sly cleared his throat. “What do you want to try first?”

“I’ve never kissed a guy before. I always wondered what it would be like.”

“Really? So which one of us do you want to show you?” Sly asked.

“Or do you want us to kiss each other?” Adam added.

Sly raised an eyebrow. Adam shrugged innocently, but Sly was already hip to his game.

Eddie sounded like he’d choked. “You’d do that?” he sputtered.

Sly narrowed his eyes. “Of course we would. You’re one of my best clients.”

Adam licked his lips—something so simple made so unbelievably sexy. Of course he’d done this before. Sly wondered how many guys Adam had seduced back home starting with that very motion. Well, this was one who wasn’t falling for it.

“His lips look amazing,” Sly told Eddie. He moaned just loudly enough for Eddie to hear, before making a subtle smacking sound. “They taste good too. What’s that you’re wearing, Avril?”

Adam’s incredulous expression had Sly struggling not to laugh. He looked so outraged Sly was tempted to take a picture. “Raspberry-lemonade lip balm,” he said. Sly picked up the derisive edge; he wondered if Eddie did too.

“I’m gonna have to get me some of that.” He faked the kiss again. Longer this time. He couldn’t decide if it was more for Eddie’s benefit or to piss off Adam. He got both.

Adam slid an inch closer. “He’s good too, Eddie. Don’t you want to know how the rest of him tastes?”

Sly bit the inside of his cheek when Eddie squealed. So that was the game he wanted to play, was it?

“Tell me, Avril. Every inch.”

You’re not going to win this, Sly mouthed to Adam.

To which Adam responded, We’ll see.

“Wouldn’t you rather taste me yourself?” Sly asked.

“Oh, no, no, no. I’m fine just watching for now. I’ll have my turn.”

Adam grinned. Already Sly could see the bulge snaking along his thigh. It stood out against the fabric of his basketball shorts. For fuck’s sake, how big was this kid?

As though he’d heard Sly’s thoughts, Adam reached for his lap. He started to pull at the waistband, but Sly stopped him with a quick shake of the head. “I think we should make him work for it. Don’t you?” He didn’t direct the question to anyone in particular, but Eddie squeaked his approval while Adam shot him a look laced with reproach.

Fuck, he couldn’t keep his eyes away from Adam’s crotch. He wanted to know what lay beneath, but he wouldn’t go there.

Another few inches disappeared from between them. Sly should back away, but he couldn’t. He was growing harder against his better judgment. There had to be a way to curtail anything sexual, but how was he supposed to do that without ruining Eddie’s fantasy?

Adam reached out and ran a finger along the ridge of Sly’s dick. Sly suppressed a shiver and grabbed Adam’s hand before he could do it again.

“I’m gonna taste him for you now, Eddie,” Adam said, sliding from the chair to his knees. “Suck him right here, right now. Don’t you want to hear him moan while I suck his cock?”

Eddie made a strangled sound that might have been agreement or might have been an orgasm; Sly was too busy focusing on the way Adam crawled toward him to be sure. Adam looked up at him, hunger in his eyes. Sly swallowed as Adam’s fingers fumbled with the buckle on his belt.

Stop him! one part of his brain roared. This isn’t right, and you know it!

Shut up, another part said. It’s just a blowjob. Besides, look how bad he wants it. You’ll break his heart if you tell him to stop.

Fuck. There was his belt sliding to the floor. Now the button on his pants was coming undone. They never broke eye contact. Adam stared at him, silently begging permission to continue, and Sly sat there, too much of a bitch to tell him they had to slow down. He lifted his hips so Adam could shimmy the jeans down, and then he was sitting there in his boxers, pants around his ankles. Adam hesitated, hand hovering over the opening in Sly’s underwear. Throwing caution to the wind, Sly gave him the tiniest nod. They’d already come too far to go back now, right?


Thanks so much for stopping by, everyone. I’ve got a little contest for you, now, and I’m gonna pick two winners. Everyone who comments will be entered for a chance to win their choice of one of the first two books in the Sexy College Series: As Long As You’re Mine or Not Like the Movies. But out of the people who can decipher the secret message hidden in my blurb, I’ll draw a winner to receive books 1 and 2. Sound like fun?

Blurb (regular version)

call me maybeSylvester “Sly” Nelson has made the mistake of staying on campus during summer vacation. With the potential of extra credits and more cash, it could be the best summer ever. But Sexy College Studs has been in the grips of a madman for months, and more guys have quit than Sly cares to think about. So this summer, staying behind means training the next generation.

Adam Rivera is an incoming freshman with a hard-on that won’t quit, so what better job is there for him than getting guys off over the phone? But once he gets a load of his new trainer, the only person he’s worried about getting off is Sylvester. Sly puts up more of a fight than Adam had anticipated, though, until one night at a frat party changes everything.

For the first time in a long time, Adam and Sylvester both have everything they want, but it’s not easy keeping their relationship a secret from their co-workers with the Caller stalking them, threatening exposure at every turn. Everyone just wants his reign of terror to be over. But if he has his way, the end of Sexy College Studs itself could be closer than they think.


Blurb (secret message version)

sylvester “Sly” nelson has made the mistake of staying on Campus during summer vacAtion. with the potential of extRa credits and morE cash, it could be the best summer ever. but sexy college stuDs has been in the grips of a madman fOr months, and more guys have quit than sly cares to think about. so this summer, staying behind means training the next generation.

adam rivera is an incoming Freshman with a hard-on that won’t quit, so what better job is there for him than Getting guys off ovEr the phone? buT once he gets a load of his new Trainer, the only person he’s worrIed about getting off is sylvester. sly puts up more of a fight thaN adam had anticipated, thouGh, until one night at a frat party cHanges everything.

for the first time in a long time, adam and sylvester both have everything they want, bUt it’s not easy keeping theiR relaTionship A secret from their co-workers with the caller stalkinG them, threAtening exposure at every turn. everyone just wants hIs reigN of terror to be over. but if he has his way, the end of sexy college studs itself could be closer than they think.


Brien Michaels was hatched shortly before the turn of the century. He grew up in the DMV area and has been creating characters for as long as he can remember, starting with an imaginary friend named Farquad Beaverhausen. Before turning his considerably wicked imagination to writing, he was an actor, aspiring film student, movie theater concessionist, and the first human to enter the 72nd dimension. Though it is unclear whether he made it back or if Farquad’s evil twin Brad has taken control of his body. He’s currently on the run from the Secret Police, who want to bring him in for questioning regarding the whereabouts of erotica authors L.A. Witt and Lauren Gallagher. If you encounter him, please contact his publishers immediately, as he likely should be chained to a desk writing and not out walking children in nature.


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Both contests end on Monday, June 2nd at 11:59 pm EST.

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