Hello everyone! Today I am so pleased to welcome author Kimberly Hunter to the blog. Kimberly is here as part of the GRL Blog Tour to talk to us about her new release, Secrets & Truths.  She has brought a great excerpt as well as some copies to give away. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!


secrets and truthsFor untold centuries, the history of the Regem Lupus, the Wolf King, and his Regem Conjugem, the Royal Consort, have been hidden. Many times they have surfaced, putting the Pack back in order. Only to have it all fall apart again after their deaths.

Until now.

This is the personal account of Caleb Lamont and Jett Valen. Told in their own words, follow along with them and discover how an ordinary human and a powerful Alpha Prime learn of their birthright, their heritage, and most importantly, their destiny.

So in the immortal words of Caleb Lamont, “Buckle up, bitches! It’s going to be a wild ride!”


grl tour badgeRayleen pulled a wicked sharp, bone handled knife from her boot. “My father gave this to me on my sixteenth birthday,” she said while gazing sadly at the blade. “Two years later, I used it to slit my mother’s throat and cut out her heart. Then I went deep into the jungle and left both there to rot.”

“A criminal’s death,” Leo remarked.

“Yes.” Rayleen nodded. “She had my father murdered. She deserved no less.” She put the knife back then took a deep breath. “I told my brother, Ryder what happened. Being made the new Pard Leader, I didn’t wait for him to pass judgment. I wouldn’t humiliate him or our family in such a way. I simply gathered my things and left.”

“How long?” Jax asked.

“About thirty five years.”

“Say again?” Caleb looked a bit shocked.

“I’m older than I look.” She gave him a sheepish smile.

“Obviously.” He snorted.

“I couldn’t tell you, Caleb,” she said softly. “Not something like this.”

Caleb blew out a breath, uncrossing his arms. “I know. Not really the kind of news you can pop into everyday conversation.” He grinned.

“Not exactly, no.” She smirked.

“We would never judge you, Rayleen,” he stated. “But if the tables were turned, I’d do the same thing.”

“All of us would,” I added, everyone nodding in agreement.

She let out another deep breath. “Well, I guess I need to see what my brother wants.”


“It’s fine, Caleb.” She held up a hand. “Past time we talked and cleared the air. Maybe even have one of your do-overs.”

“Copycat.” Caleb chuckled.

“I’d be happy to take you,” Thea offered. “Been a while since I visited the Pard Lands.”

“I appreciate it.” Rayleen turned to Thea, touching her cheek. “I’ll have to give you a tour. Show you some of my favorite…hot spots.”

“Oh, pretty kitty, I certainly hope so.” Thea took her hand with a carnal smile, standing and bringing Rayleen too her feet.

“I’ll contact you after I talk to Ryder,” Rayleen told Caleb. “A day at most.”

“Take two. I’m sure you and your…brother have some catching up to do.” Caleb snickered.

“Whatever will I do with myself during that time,” Thea lamented dramatically.

“The meeting won’t last long,” Rayleen replied then nuzzled Thea’s neck. “Afterward, I’ll show you how to pearl dive.”

“Pearl Dive? There aren’t any oceans near the Pard Lands,” Jax said with confusion.

“No, there aren’t.” She winked.

“Ta!” Thea giggled like a school girl before she and Rayleen disappeared.

“Oh, that was just wrong. Pearl diving.” Jax snorted.

“Sounds better than clam digging,” Grandfather quipped to the utter surprise of us all. “The visual is better too.” He smirked.

Everyone busted out laughing.

The rest of the day went without a hitch. Caleb claimed the staff who were pleased as punch. Margie and Roy were called afterward. Seems they too had heard a few rumors about Beau and his Brotherhood. He wouldn’t be missed. They were also more than happy to have Greg and his friends. The tech guys The Guard had were good. MIT grads would be better. Luka and Alden certainly appreciated the added help on the way as well. The more brains working behind the scenes, the better. Greg and his friends would be in good hands. Hans and Emiline too. Plenty of jobs to be had at HQ.

When nothing else pressing came up, Caleb grabbed my hand, hastily excused us, then pulled me up the stairs to our room. Needless to say, we didn’t make it to the bed. Our clothes were a shredded mess too. It was totally worth it to pin Caleb to the wall and make him scream my name. Twice.


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