Today I am pleased to have Cardeno C stop by to let us know about a promotion going on for the author’s series books at Dreamspinner Press!

As a writer of a few series, I often get asked which book in my series should be read first. Because I write each book as a standalone (really, I promise!), I always answer the same way: “Whichever one sounds most interesting to you.” But on May 8th, there’s a new answer to the question because that day – from midnight EST until midnight EST – Dreamspinner is putting one book in each of my series on sale for $.99! So which of my books should you read first? On May 8th the answers are:

  • Strong Enough (Family series)
  • Wake Me Up Inside (Mates series)
  • He Completes Me (Home series)

If you’ve been hesitant to try my books because you’re not a fan of series or you don’t know where to start, now’s the time to give it a go. And if you’ve already read my books, please let other readers know so they can try them too. Thank you!


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