small_newsHi guys!

Some news for you all today. I decided it was finally time to start a blog Facebook page (in addition to my current personal Joyfully Jay profile). It is called Joyfully Jay Reviews! There are lots of reasons behind this, but mostly I am hoping to make the blog page a place where we can interact on Facebook and chat about books and the other things we love a bit more easily than on my personal page.

So what can you expect? Well, I am still working out details but my goal is to use the blog Facebook page as a place where we can hang out and talk books. We can still do that here as well of course (and I hope we will) but I know a lot of folks use Facebook as their primarily hang out and this way we have another place to chat.

I am also hoping to have some events and other fun stuff as things get rolling there.  Facebook is a great place for different fun promotions and events. I hope we can do some author hangouts and other events.

So I hope you will all stop by and like my page. That will help keep you notified of posts and what is going on there. And if anyone has any ideas of things they would like to see, just let me know!

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