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I should begin by saying that I have not read anything by Rob Colton prior to An American Lamb in Europe. I should also immediately add this caveat that I will be reading more by this delightful author. Colton writes a fast, action-packed story that is rich in descriptive passages, coupled with hot attractions between his male leads. All in all it made this story a real page-turner for this reviewer.

The story is set in a small town in the Czech Republic, the last place Jamie Anderson heard from his brother, Rudy. Rudy is trouble with a capital T, everything from drug abuse to living on the edge, and Jamie is quite used to cleaning up his brother’s messes and taking care of him. However, nothing prepared Jamie for the idea that Rudy is presumed dead and his body missing. Leaving his job as a dental hygienist (please read this story to see how very clever that little piece of information is to the book), Jamie heads to Europe to pick up the trail and find Rob, dead or alive.

Along the way, he meets one mysterious person after another and several times fears for his very life as the strange inhabitants of the town make themselves known. After meeting a dark stranger, Tomas, Jamie sets out with him to uncover exactly what happened to Rudy and where he has disappeared. Little does Jamie know what danger lies in store for him and just how quickly he will fall for man with the many deadly secrets.

I cannot tell you much about these characters for to do so would really give away intricate plot points that you really should discover on your own—and trust me when I say you will want to discover them! This was not your run of the mill paranormal story. Rather with deft tongue in cheek humor and truly eerie moments, author Rob Colton weaves a fantastically taut little tale that leaves you hungering for more. It was really the character of Jamie that kept this story from falling into the “just another paranormal” category for me. Here was a sensitive, brave man who defied the idea of being a “victim” or in any way weaker than the man he was falling in love with so very rapidly. Rather, Jamie was fierce, and while he questioned his motives and his sanity many times, he stayed the course despite real threats to do him harm.

All in all, An American Lamb in Europe captured my interest from page one and held it till the very last word. I am looking forward to reading more work by author Rob Colton, who seamlessly blends action with humor to produce a delightful story!

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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