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Fighter Pilot Grant Badu is the human component of what has quickly become known as the Infallible Duo. Along with the Gemini Suit known as Trefoil Argent, their combat record remains unchallenged.

When a combat team turns traitor and crashes in the Cressian Mountains, Grant and Argent are tasked with the retrieval of top secret stolen information that cannot land in the hands of the Bah’zeth patrol. The only stipulation is that Argent will be forced to take his body option for the first time instead of choosing one of his mechanical peripherals, as the physical conditions of the surrounding geography will hinder any metal or technology Argent normally uses. This will be the first time Argent has ever taken his body option, and Grant is both intrigued and nervous for him. In the five years they’ve worked together, Argent has never given reason to Grant for avoiding his body option. And when their mission takes an unexpected turn, Grant may never have the chance to learn the reason.

This book, these characters, this world… holy cow, guys. It’s amazing. All of it. I’m in awe of the creativity and imagination that created this story. It’s so wonderful.

I want to start with the world. Andor creates such a fabulous atmosphere with not only the planet, but also the technology and its rules. It’s that technology that is the greatest focus of this story. Without it, this world would be like any other futuristic romance. I’ll do my best to describe it to you. Trefoil Argent, or Argent, is a Gemini Suit. When I say suit, think of it as an actual suit. As a child, Argent was disabled in some way and given the opportunity by the government to become something greater that the limits his disability would place upon him. His mind, his being was infused in that of the Gemini Suit, into its core—a machine with a cognizant, human mind. So, not only does Argent take the form of the ship that Grant fights from, he can also take the forms of peripherals, such as mechanical beings or animals, like the bird that attends meetings with Grant. He also has the option to use the peripheral known as the body option. This option is a genetically cloned and modified suit of Argent’s choice that is formed to look like he would had he had the chance to age. Like I said, this technology and imagination defines this world and this story. It’s fascinating.

Not only is Argent a machine, but in a way he’s still human. He has feelings, secrets, desires. He’s a very complex being. I love his conversion to his body option and how it affects both him and Grant. Because of Argent’s massive role in this world and in this story, you would think Grant would be a much smaller character, but he’s not. He’s a very strong part of who Argent is and who he is to become. Grant is the rock in this story, the stabilizing force who holds down the fort, so to speak. He doesn’t have super powers, but he is strong willed and stubborn. He’s the leader of the team, but makes sure they stand on a more even ground. I like the give and take between Grant and Argent, as a work team but also as they test the waters into what they both hope to be a productive intimate relationship.

Body Option is a sci-fi story full of action and adventure, mixed with intrigue and a budding romance. It’s less romance than anything else, but the romance is touching and true. The entire story is so much fun from word one. The author does a great job at telling a story that is exciting, heart pounding, and sweet. This short story takes readers on a thrilling ride from beginning to end and my only complaint is that it wasn’t long enough. I wanted more of this world and definitely more of Grant and Argent.

This is not the first story I’ve read by this author and definitely won’t be the last. She has a way of sucking me into a story, and I love it. I adored this story, these characters, and this amazing world. I highly recommend Body Option by Talya Andor.

Body Option is part of Less than Three Press’ A Loose Screw collection and can be purchased individually or as part of a bundle.

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