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Call Me, Maybe by Brien Michaels is the third book in the Sexy College Studs series and should be read as part of the series for it to really be understandable. Once again the stalker/caller has been terrorizing the call center workers who provide sexy chat for their customers. Sly, a veteran of the Sexy College Studs service, is training one of the new guys, Adam. Sly is a senior at the university and circumstances in his past have caused him to really fear the stalker who keeps showing up on his mobile phone. Once Adam begins working with Sly, both must fight against their instant attraction to one another.  Adam is only a freshman and has no hopes of landing the gorgeous senior who also happens to be a coworker entrusted with making sure Adam learns the ropes.

Sly has lived through an extremely painful breakup with another young man who was also an underclassman so his reluctance to begin anything with Adam is well founded. However, when the stalker turns his sights on Adam and begins making threats on his life, Sly must make a serious choice: remove himself from the growing relationship with Adam or potentially be responsible for pushing the stalker to follow through with his threat to kill Adam.

In this installment of the series, the author finally wraps up the mystery of who has been stalking the boys and I must admit, I was totally taken in and completely wrong about the culprit. With some wonderful twists and turns, author Brien Michaels throws not one but two red herrings in our path and when he finally reveals the crazy that is the stalker, I had to laugh out loud at the delicious twist. Along the way in this novel there was a lot of hot sex—and I mean a lot. At times, I felt it threatened to derail the story and slow down the plot, but one must remember with a series title such as this, it is a given that there will be randy boys with tremendous libidos.

What did work well was the main character Sly. Terribly conflicted and wounded by many past experiences, Sly was a man in need of rescue and love and Adam was there to provide both. There were some real tender moments between these two men and they served to really move this novel from just another M/M romance with loads of hot sex to a beautiful love story. It was Adam however who gave me pause. The dichotomy between who he was in the bedroom and who he was all the rest of the time was very contradictory. So much that I felt his dominant behavior during sex felt forced and a bit unrealistic. He was far too often a waffler, unsure and continually second guessing himself. For that to so dramatically change when he was involved sexually with Sly seemed to be far too unbelievable for me.

Despite these problems, Call Me, Maybe was still a tight little mystery with a building romance that kept me entertained until the big reveal in the last chapter. Fans of the series will not be disappointed with this one.

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