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Prophet and Tommy have been living together about four months, ever since their time together in New Orleans.  Tom is still working and training with Extreme Escapes and Prophet continues his private mercenary jobs. When Prophet gets a call from an old military buddy whose brother is in trouble, he doesn’t hesitate to jump in to help, bringing Tommy along.

The mission is a success, but it once again brings Prophet in contact with ghosts from his past.  Prophet and his team have known for years that things aren’t over with Prophet’s former best friend and lover (and ultimately betrayer) John Morse, the terrorist Sadiq, or the CIA who thinks Prophet might be the actual guilty one.  They have been tracking the terrorists, building their case, and formulating plans for years, and it is clear that the time is fast approaching to take action. Confronting the man he once loved won’t be easy and all of them will be lucky to make it out alive.

But the ghosts of his past are not the only thing causing Prophet trouble. He has known for years that his eyesight is failing and will ultimately leave him blind.  It is not something he can fight or outrun like so many other problems he faces. The blindness is inevitable and will change his life.  He knows he needs to tell Tom, but Prophet also worries about how things will change once Tom knows.  And as the reality of the impending blindness becomes more immediate, Prophet realizes how scared he truly is.

These two tough, independent men have opened their hearts to one another and are finding happiness together.  But the problems from the past are continuing to haunt them, and if they are going to make it together the time has come to finally take a stand and face their demons so they can have a future together.

Prophet and Tommy are back and I could not be more excited!  I truly love this Hell and High Water series and think S.E. Jakes continues to do an amazing job with it.  The stories are action packed and exciting, full of suspense and intrigue. No sooner do you think someone is dead, or a plot line closed, then things come rushing back to surprise you.  Jakes is fabulous at military stories and she manages to make their adventures feel detailed and real, without overloading with technical jargon.

In this third story, we are seeing lots of different plot threads pull together from throughout the series, and in fact, from the larger Extreme Escapes universe.  The conflict with John has been building since the first book.  He betrayed Prophet and his team and they have been hunting for him for years.  As they are tracking John, however, the CIA is also tracking them. Not to mention the spy Cillian who shares Prophet’s building and works for some unidentified agency and may or may not be on their side.  The team has been waiting to gather enough information to figure out where John or Sadiq are hiding and in this story we see the first piece put into place for rooting them out.  There is not a final resolution here (I don’t expect that until the last book), but we definitely move the suspense plot forward in a big way.

As amazing as the suspense component is, the heart of this series continues to be Prophet and Tommy. I can’t even explain how much I love them. Big, strong, alpha men who are used to doing things themselves, but who have fallen for one another so hard.  I love to see a tough guy with a soft mushy inside and that is exactly what these men are like together. They are so sweet and incredibly sexy, but at the same time can handle themselves in any situation.  I just adore them together and am so thrilled with the way their relationship is progressing.

So yep, this is another big hit for me.  You will want to read this series from the start (and maybe even pick up the excellent Free Falling and Dirty Deeds set in this same world) because they books and story lines build on one another. But trust me, it will be no hardship.  The whole series is absolutely excellent and Daylight Again is no exception.

Cover review: OMG, the cover! They are just beautiful for this series and I love the play on Tommy’s tattoos and Prophet’s eyes.

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