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Length: Short Story Anthology

This anthology gives you just what the title suggests: little juicy bits of that hot, intimate moment. If you like jumping right into the action, this book is for you. There are stories of casual lovers, established couples, friends, and co-workers who are connecting in the shower, over the phone, at the office, or on a moving train, to name just a few. This book does not have to be read all at once. It can be read when you do not want to commit to a novel, as a light read, or as a palate cleanser between books. There were some instantly likable characters and stories, and others that did not quite connect with me. The stories are short, and many of them are designed so you do not know too much upfront, and it’s best not to give too much away. I will say that most of the stories do have a fulfilling your fantasy quality to them. There are many ways to write a story and many ways for characters to connect, keeping things hot and steamy. One thing is for certain, there are a lot of different views on what makes a juicy bit


In Good Hands by Logan Zachary
2 stars

The air conditioner in Leo’s medical practice is not working and it is hot, hot, hot. Just as he is attempting to escape for a cooling lunch break, he gets a call to take a work-related physical. Christopher arrives in his shorts and flip flops. So starts this series giving you a visual of 70s porn, complete with a vivid description of the hairy, sweaty patient. The doctor advances on the patient and it was just all kinds of creepy for me.

2 Weeks 6 Days 2 Long by S.K. Manganelli
3.5 stars

Craig and Matt have been partners for 5 years. When Craig has to be away for business for 3 weeks, Matt is sulking. While at a family dinner, Matt escapes to the bathroom. As he goes to exit, he comes face to face with Craig who has come back a day early. There was a bit of emotion and heat here, but Matt having just talked about using the “toilet” beforehand kind of killed the feel.

Hot Coffee by Kim Dias
4.75 stars

Josh and Colin have been together for 6 years. Colin owns a coffee shop and wants to role play with Josh that Josh is a stranger coming into the shop. Josh is sooo not into the role play, but would do anything to make Colin happy. The relationship between the two is explored quickly; they are fun, witty, easy to like characters, and the scene, like the coffee, is hot.

Play with Me by Lucy Whedon
3 stars

Jimmy and Trip are arguing over a birthday gift for Trip’s nephew at the toy store, when the store goes into lockdown. Jimmy takes Trip into the worn break room for a well needed break of his own.

Swim Meet by Johnny Murdoc
4 stars

Adrian and Thom work at the same hospital and run into each other at the pool at the YMCA. But it’s the locker room shower that holds all the appeal.

Dial it up by Mina Kelly
4.75 stars

At two different colleges, gay dancer David and heterosexual football player Trick bond over the phone. When David interrupts Trick pleasuring himself, the heat gets dialed up. Instantly likable, although stereotypical characters, that just click. Although a tamer story, it’s one of the better ones.

An Invitation by Jay Northcote
4.25 stars

The sparks fly when Jake is hired by Cal as a temp for two weeks at Cal’s office. Cal won’t give in to Jake’s relentless flirting while Jake works for him. When the job is over, bad boys get spanked.

Farmer in the Dell by Rob Rosen
2 stars

Already in the middle of the action, naked farmers Byron and Stu are just introducing themselves to each other. Complete with puns, innuendos, and a sex toy filled barn, this one did not work for me at all.

What I’ve Been Missing by John Amory
3.75 stars

Jason and Stephen, former college roommates, have gotten past their one awkward night together. When Jason has to write a story for publication involving chocolate, Stephen jumps right in to help Jason with a sweet experience to draw from.

For What it’s Worth by Rhidian Brenig Jones
2.5 stars

Rob hires Aaron, a professional, to take his virginity. This was slow and not pleasurable, even for Rob.

Sparks by A. Morell
3.5 stars

Ryo and Mark have just bailed on their forced double date. A walk home together is just the remedy to fix all the tension. With all of the other stories, this was just not memorable.

Hunting by Nikki West
4.75 stars

He sees him, he smells him, he tracks him, and the chase is on. We are not supposed to know what is going on when the story opens and it is best read that way. It was unique and a lot of fun.

River Gods by Heloise West
4 stars

In 1575, a lonely sculptor finds a man in his garden. He wonders if the Gods have finally smiled upon him. A period piece of loneliness and instant attraction.

Heat Wave by Olivia Duncan Craig
3.75 stars

It’s 100 degrees and the A/C in Kyle and Joe’s apartment is not working, but Kyle still wants to keep it hot in the bedroom.

Never Kiss by Rick Bettencourt
4.25 stars

While working from home editing videos for his porn business, Tony sees construction worker Dirk from the window. Tony has seen a lot of men, but Dirk is Tony’s own fantasy come to life.

Lucky X111 by J.I. Radke
4.75 stars

Riley is a college student by day and a phone sex operator by night. Once a week he looks forward to the voice of regular caller Mason. When a stranger accidentally spills coffee on Riley, Riley knows that voice. I would have continued reading this story and really wanted to go to the next scene.

Voyeur-Something  by Briana Lawrence
4.25 stars

New neighbors have just moved in and Jayson thinks they are hot. They are even hotter when they leave the window open in their bedroom.

Sandman and the Cookie by Dawn Kimberly Johnson
4 stars

With his lover, Sandy, away on a mission, Tibor preps himself for phone sex at Sandy’s direction. But Sandy’s mission may be closer to home than Tibor thinks.

Strangers on the Northeast Regional by Pearl Love
4.25 stars

Running at full speed, Reggie barely makes the train. His gaze takes in well dressed Charles who promptly brushes him off. Reggie has a three-hour ride to try to fulfill his fantasy.

Not Water Resistant by J.J. Cassidy
4.5 stars

Spending most of his evenings at the gym after being publicly dumped by his boyfriend, Neil finds three hot men waiting for him in the locker room. The book closes with a happy ending for all.


A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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