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At the age of 17, Christian ran away from his dysfunctional home to become an actor in California. After living on the streets and being robbed, Christian met Ross, the owner of Backdoor Productions. Five years later, Christian, now known to his fans as Cody Starr, is the hottest actor in gay adult films. What he really wants now is a way out of the industry.

Finn is an Army veteran who owns a security business that caters to the rich and famous. One night the bass is thumping and the sex toys are flying through the crowd, but Finn is bored. His friend, Eddy, has brought Finn to the Rockin’ Cock to watch porn stars shake it and Finn is tapping his fingers in annoyance. Until the last performer takes the stage and Finn’s whole body becomes way more interested.

So begins Finn’s first real life encounter with Cody Starr. Sure, Finn has heard of Cody. Anyone who is even a little familiar with gay porn knows of the most popular twink in the industry. After the show, Cody expects Finn to buy him a drink. Although attracted to Cody, Finn is put off by his rude Cody persona and excuses himself. When Cody gets into a dangerous situation with fans, Finn steps in and escorts Cody home.

The attraction is instant and the sexual tension is in the air. Finn is a good guy who wants to know Christian, not Cody. Cody has never had a real relationship because everyone else wants just wants to say they have been with a porn star.  Finn does not do casual and he knows Cody’s career would be too much for him to handle.  Even with the heat and attraction between them, the obstacles of Cody’s career and fame may finish their relationship before they really have a chance to start.

This is a fairly simple, predictable romance. It’s a sweet story about finding love. Finn and Cody are likable guys and the intimate scenes get hotter between the two of them. It’s easy to relate to Finn being uncomfortable and having concerns with Cody’s day job.

It was also easy to become attached to charismatic Cody as we find out more about him. He struggles with wanting to get out of the porn industry, but has no other means of supporting himself. Once he meets Finn, he wants to be the best person he can to make Finn proud of him.

Their relationship is based on attraction and there was just a little something in the emotional connection lacking for me. I would get pulled in just enough and then I would have a bit of a hard time fully connecting with these guys. Some of it had to do with the dialogue between the two of them as it was a little strained and awkward at times. The first time Cody visits Finn at his office, he asks Finn about his military background and the conversation did not flow naturally and instead sounded like an interview. There was a lot of information about military personnel finding jobs after they leave the service and that Finn only hires ex-military. There was another scene as well with Cody asking Finn specifics on his career and it had the same question and answer and PSA tone. It was great to have more background on Finn, but the delivery did not flow naturally at times.

I have to point out one issue with the editing/proofreading of the book itself. These are issues I will always see if they are there, but do not often comment on. There were problems with typos in the book. There were sentences with extra words, a missing word, or the wrong word inserted. It happened enough that it should be mentioned.

S.J. Frost’s first novel remains one of my favorites and those of you familiar with it will understand when I say I was a “fangirl” for the entire series. This is a book you will want to read if you are looking for something sweet, with little angst, heat between the characters, and a neat, happy ending.

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