moving earthRating: 4.75 stars
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Length: Short Story

It’s been two months since Charlie found his truck vandalized. A lot has happened since then. Thankfully Damon had nothing to do with it. Charlie and Amos have taken their relationship to the next level, as in they sleep together semi-regularly, when Amos comes over and stays the night. But Charlie is all give, where Amos rarely shares anything. Charlie has decided that needs to change and gives Amos an ultimatum. Share his life or leave.

While dealing with Amos, Charlie is still worried about his brother, especially when he finds out his brother is still hanging out with the kids who got him in trouble not so long ago. But it isn’t what it looks like, and when Charlie discovers what’s really going on, he is surprised in more ways than one.

Moving Earth is the second book in T.A. Webb’s Earthquake series, part of Pulp Friction 2014. Holy cow, you guys! This story is more than it seems at first. First, not only have Charlie and Amos moved past the train wreck of their initial meeting, they are sleeping together now and working on a commitment. This is the first time that we learn about Amos’s past and his fear of commitment/trust issues. I like this side of Amos. We didn’t have the chance to learn much about him in the first book except that he’s a asshole. But I’m happy to know there’s more to him.

There’s also the Charlie/Damon storyline that continues in this short, and I couldn’t be happier with the progression of that relationship. I mentioned in my review of the first book how much I loved Damon. That still stands true in this story. I’m pretty sure he is my favorite character of all of Pulp Friction-Flagstaff. And after reading this installment, I love Damon even more.

This story adds more depth to Amos, which I mentioned, and even brings in a surprise element at the end of the story that brings a promise of even more conflict and drama to the Earthquake series. I can hardly wait.

I highly recommend Moving Earth by T.A. Webb.

Note: This is the second book in a series that is meant to be read in order and in conjunction with the rest of the Pulp Friction stories.

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