small favorite booksOne of my favorite recurring features we do here at Joyfully Jay are our Favorite Book Lists.  These are lists of books we love on various topics, such as Favorite Enemies to Lovers stories and Favorite Nontraditional Shifters.   It is so much fun to not only share our favorites, but to help others find books they may love as well.

Typically I pick the list topics by something I read that inspires me. In this case, it was reading two fabulous amnesia stories fairly close together: Snowcroft Lost and The River Leith, which I reviewed today.  There is something inherently romantic about two people who have to find their way back to each other, to remake that connection that was once lost.  I also kind of love amnesia stories because they tend to walk that fine line between totally exciting and over the top.  When done poorly they can be a mess, but when done well they are incredibly rewarding.

Here are our favorite amnesia stories.  For all the books we have reviewed on this theme, click here.  And if you have any favorites from this list, or any others you would like to share, please let us know!

P.S. Goodreads actually has a list of favorite m/m amnesia stories. With them it can be dicey whether or not things actually fit the list as there is no real control over what is added, but it may be worth checking out.

(Last Updated 1/2/20)

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