All of Me by Cardeno CRating: 5 stars
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Length: Novella

Paired before they were born and fated to join two of the strongest packs in two states, Abel Nasa has always known that Zakai “Kai” Berura was the man made for him. On the day of their official bonding, Abel’s heart is shattered when he walks in on his mate in bed with three other men. Ten years later, and now Alpha of his pack Abel has yet to take a mate. Not that he’s tried. Able knows Kai was the only one for him.

When Kai’s sister shows up at the Nasa Pack house asking for help, Abel’s immediate reaction is to throw her out, but the hardheaded girl won’t leave. Abel’s father and brother go to help and return with an emaciated, broken Kai. As hard as Abel tries, he can’t turn his back on his mate in that condition, no matter the past that stands between them. But things aren’t always as they seem, and in order to find his love again and heal his mate, Abel has to open himself to the truth in order to save Kai and merge their packs.

Do y’all recognize the song lyric? Well, let me tell you, if that song gives you the feels, you can expect that and more from this story. This is such a sweet and heartfelt story from beginning to end. My connection with the characters was immediate. Abel Nasa is a strong Alpha with a deep hurt, but he leads his pack with kindness and compassion. He’s rarely irrational unless it comes to Kai. And Kai Berura is broken and scarred, both spiritually and physically, yet he’s wonderfully strong and determined. What I love so much is his need to give. He sacrifices so much, gives so much of himself. I adore the connection between Abel and Kai. It’s beautiful and strong and so very perfect.

All of Me is a story of hurt, forgiveness, and new beginnings. The gravity of this story weighed heavily on me and pulled me into this world. I love the amount of emotion this author pours into this story. This novella is everything I look for in a comfort read. It’s highly emotional. The conflict is strong and engaging. And the resolution is beautiful and heartwarming.

It’s no secret that Cardeno C’s writing holds a special place in my heart. This novella simply shows the skill of this author. In a short time, the CC delivers a powerful, precious story in both storytelling and fluid writing. I love the consistency and flow of this story. Cardeno C’s words are captivating and real.

Once again Cardeno C creates a vivid world of shifters with new and unique rules. It’s a world of shifters, which has definitely been done, even by this very author. But this is a completely different world than Cardeno C’s Mates series. The idea of being bonded before conception is new and well-planned. I loved the beauty that this author paints with words. I easily pictured the physical aspects of the world and readily accepted the rules and limitations. It’s creative and new, which is always a plus in my book.

In other words, I loved this story. Everything about it. Cardeno C has once again written a winner. I highly recommend the fabulousness that is All of Me by Cardeno C.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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