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Backburn picks up about two months after Rob’s father passed. When this installment begins, a former co-worker and bed partner shows up to try and lure Rob to her. It doesn’t work, but it gets him to thinking. The time is coming when he’ll go get his kids and move them to Flagstaff. He starts thinking that his children will need a mother or a motherly figure in their lives, which stands in direct conflict with his feelings for Scott. Rob never really meant to keep the fact that he has children from Scott, but it never came up, and now it’s time to tell.

Meanwhile back at Mountain Shadows, Scott is in the middle of an investigation of sorts. While on a walk in the forest with her young daughter, Jilly comes across what looks to be a poached deer. After all that’s happened in their private community, Scott is bound and determined to discover who is killing animals on his land and put an end to it. In the meantime, Rob tells Scott about his children, and just when Rob seems ready to settle down with Scott, Scott’s heart may be too broken by the secret to move on. And if the heartbreak doesn’t get him, the poacher just might.

Finally, finally we’re getting somewhere. No more running away, which happened at the end of the previous two installments. No more secret keeping—well, on Rob’s part anyway. And finally giving in. I’m all about Rob’s epiphany in this story. His revelation about his feelings and where he needs to be has been a long time coming, now if we can only get Scott on the same page, I think we’ll find a happy ending at the end of this series.

This story is thrilling and everything I hoped it would be. We learn more of Rob’s past in this one. We get to see a little bit of what actually happened with his wife, then what drove him to Albuquerque a year ago to take care of Scott. I’ll be honest in saying that I was having a hard time consistently liking Rob because of his need to push Scott away or run from him. But this story cleared it all up for me. He’s still standoffish at the beginning, but that changes… finally! And Scott… guys, I have to tell you, what Scott has been through tears at my heart. In this short, Harner finally gives us the story of the fire—well, part of it anyway, and geez, the end of the story is killer. I am dying to find out what’s next.

This is, by far, my favorite of the series thus far. It’s exciting, sweet, and action-packed. I am on pins and needles waiting for what’s next. If you’re not reading Laura Harner’s Fighting Fire series, what are you waiting for? I highly recommend Backburn as well as the previous installments.

Note: Harner’s Fighting Fire series is made to be read in chronological order, otherwise you may find yourself confused by the events in this story.

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