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Dante James and Ryan “Angel” Morgan are partners, both in their photography business and in life.  But they are also both bedroom Doms, and sometimes seek out a third man to be their submissive.  When photographing a wedding, they meet the brother of the bride, Jordan Steele, and are both instantly attracted to him.  It seems, however, that Jordan is already taken, which disappoints them both.

throwback thursdayJordan is attracted to both men and is also disappointed to find out they are together.  It doesn’t stop him from booking them to photograph two of his horses.  During the session, they all do a bit of flirting.  Angel even takes it one step further to see if he’s reading Jordan right, or if he’s just seeing things because he wants Jordan to be a sub.  During a conversation after the shoot, Jordan reveals that he is, in fact, single.  When Jordan comes to see the final proofs from the photo shoot, Dante and Angel make their play.  Jordan is receptive and poses for a few pictures erotic pictures that lead to more.  The three men agree to begin an arrangement.  Dante and Angel will dominate Jordan, and they will have a sexual relationship, but they make it clear from the very beginning that they are a couple and though they respect and care for Jordan, it will never go further than that.

None of the men expect for emotions to get involved, but the more time they spend together, the more they come to care for one another.  Jordan decides to keep his feelings of love to himself.  He knows that he can never come between the other two men.  But both Dante and Angel have fallen in love with Jordan.  It’s never happened before, and it takes Dante and Angel time to come to terms with that.  Now the three men need to figure out if they can make a relationship work as a triad, or if they have to part ways.

I’m going to be completely honest here.  I really love this book, it’s one that I’ve read several times over the last few years, and that’s the reason that I wanted to review it for Throwback Thursday.  If you haven’t read it, and you’re a fan of ménage and/or BDSM, I suggest you run out and get it right now.

One of the things I enjoy most about it is the way Witt has created three distinct characters.  Even though Dante and Angel are both Doms, they are clearly have different personalities.  This book is told in alternating first person POVs, from all three men’s perspective, but I never had trouble with recognizing whose head we were in.  Not just because of the setting of each scene, but because of the little nuances that each of the three men possessed.  It’s a hard thing to accomplish, and I think Witt did a fantastic job with it.

Dante and Angel are bedroom Doms; their dominance only comes out when sex comes into play.  Jordan is a strong and competent man.  He owns his own horse stable and has no problem taking charge.  But he longs to submit in the bedroom.  Once the three men finally break the ice, it’s clear that they are a perfect fit for one another.  The BDSM element is moderate.  Though there a couple of more hardcore and intense scenes, it’s mostly about Dante and Angel simply taking control in their sexual encounters.  As Jordan is new to the lifestyle, I thought this was appropriate and fitting.  Though there were a couple of moments I would have liked to see more aftercare, overall, I thought this element brought something extra to the story.  Jordan’s submission was a beautiful thing.

The connection between these men just leaps off the page.  Not only is the sex smoking hot, but the scenes where they talk about themselves show just how compatible they are outside of the bedroom as well.  I really liked that they had frank and honest discussions before getting involved, both before they began their D/s relationship and before they decided to move forward.  It gave a sense of realism to the story, and made me believe that these three guys could really work as a triad.

Everything worked for me in this book.  I loved the characters, I loved their story, and I was glad to see the epilogue at the end so that we could get a glimpse into the future.  This one is on my highly recommended list.

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