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Striker picks up a short time after the ending of Alpha Trine. Zeus finds himself in the Waters of Poseidon, called there by his long lost brother, Canry. Canry is one of Poseidon’s children now, but longs to see his family again. He has brought Zeus to the Waters for a specific reason: to warn him of the V’Saar who, with the help of the Terrens, have taken Valespian space in wait for the Oethra 7.  Canry tells Zeus to seek the help of the Feteines if they want a chance to make it to Valespia.

While speaking with his brother, another danger comes into play. Nethus, a tempest and son of Poseidon, tries to lay claim to Canry and take him away. In defense of his brother, Zeus attacks, calling his brothers Azaes and Mestor to the Waters to help stave off the attack. When Poseidon shows up to break up the fight, he promises that Canry will be able to spend more time with his family. He alludes to Canry’s importance in the future, as well as Zeus’. As they part, Canry reminds Zeus to seek out the Feteines. He also draws a promise from Zeus to call him in his time of need.

Back on The Gorgon, following medical treatment for the injuries he received while in the Waters of Poseidon, Zeus sees to the safety of Dargon and Alpha, his pregnant mates. After securing them and proclaiming them as his mates to his brothers and then to his father, Zeus and his family make plans to seek out the help of the Feteines by way of asking for help from the Qrxzl, a race known for their hatred of all things human.

Despite wanting to take on the world to protect their mate, Dargon and Alpha are forced to take it easy now that they are baring the children of the first Trine in decades, but that doesn’t keep them from standing next to their man when they feel the need. Dargon will do anything to protect Zeus, their children, and the Fal’Amorics, even if it puts himself in danger.

Seeking help from the Qrxzl, they are taken by surprise when the race believes Zeus to be human and attacks him. Luckily, the Ancient, Star Eater, is available to help save Zeus and Dargon. Revived, Zeus is taken aback to find the Feteine on the same planet with him but also harboring V’Saar emissaries. At the Pool of Truth some of the mystery behind the V’Saar attacks and the Terren involvement is uncovered.

But the war has only begun. When the group make their way into Valespian air space the battle that ensues is one that may end up costing more lives than it saves.

Let me begin by saying if I could give this book more than five stars I would. It’s so freaking amazing from the opening scene to the closing. I’ve been lucky enough to read every book that this author has put out there and Striker is, so far, the best. There is so much that happens in this story, my head is still spinning. I’m still on a high due to the awesomeness of this entire book.

If you’ve not read a Lexi Ander book, you have not been treated to the visual storytelling from this master. So let me assure you that you are missing out. Ander has a way with words that draws me into a story quickly with likable characters, heart pounding plot sequences, and gripping words. Striker has all of the above.

This world I fell in love with in the first book is back and better than ever. New, creative, out-of-this-world races have joined the cast and I’m seriously in awe. Who would have thought of a race of quartz-like beings? The addition of the People of the Longing is another aspect that I love. The Waters of Poseidon are such a mystery in this world. The longing is very mysterious. So to learn more about what it’s about and the meaning is quiet beautiful. And we’re finally on Valespia. The planet and the rulers have been a bit of a mystery until now. The planet itself is vast and I believe, more complex than I originally thought. It’s the perfect setting for a battle of wits, will, and bravery. It’s the rulers that I find most interesting, each from a different race on Valespia, the three emperors control the grid that entraps the V’Saar. They will soon play a huge part in this series and I, for one, cannot wait to see what happens there.

In this story, we get to see more of Azaes and Mestor. I love the brothers, especially when they are with Zeus. One of the things I love most about this family is their utter acceptance of Zeus. After his sight was restored, he was never thought of as weaker because he had soft skin. It’s his family’s support and love that allowed him to be the Striker. But the love of his brothers is one of the most beautiful parts of this book, next to the love of his mates. I adore the trust and love this family has for each other.

The relationship between Zeus, Alpha, and Dargon still blows me away. It’s a very unconventional threesome, which makes it all the more appealing. I love their bond in this story. In Alpha Trine, they were only just discovering their bond. In this book, they are solidifying that bond and their commitment to one another. Add to it the differences in their races and traditions and Zeus’ family plus the impending war. There are bound to be problems. It’s the way these three deal with the problems that brings them closer. I love the strength that their trials bring to their bond.

I’m so happy with Canry’s role in this story. If you’ve read the first story, you’ll know that Canry disappeared as a baby into the Waters of Poseidon. It’s there where we meet Canry all grown up. He’s a very peaceful creature with longings of his own. One very obvious desire is to be reunited with his family. I also have a feeling that one of his desires lays with the heart of the storm, and lord help us when that storm comes to pass. I don’t want to give everything away, but I will say that Canry’s reunion with his family is everything you’d expect and more.

There’s so much I want to tell you about the story and the conflicts that are so kickass. But then I’d end up giving away the best parts and then you’d hate me. I don’t want you to hate me. I will tell you that there is so much to this book. There is barely any downtime, no time to wonder what’s going to happen next. This book keeps you on your toes in the best possible way.

I absolutely love everything about this book and I am dying for more. Ander sets up this series for several matches and I’ll just tell you now I’m waiting with baited breath for Prometheus’s story and Canry’s story and so many more. If you’ve not read Alpha Trine, I suggest getting right on that so then you can read Striker. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Highly recommended.

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