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Length: Novella

Levi Tabberton does not have butterflies in his stomach, nope, he has hummingbirds, hissing snakes, and snapping lizards dancing in his stomach. Waiting for a lead guitar audition with his favorite band, Lion’s Pride, Levi has pheromones raging, making him anxious, aggressive, and horny. And the guy that went on before him, he had the shortest audition ever and what, did that guy just come out crying? No one knew Levi was coming to the audition, so if he could just find the way out before they…yeah they just called his name.

Levi has wanted to be a rock star ever since his brother’s best friend, Alexander, showed him his guitar all those years ago. His feelings have not changed about music or about his childhood crush, as Levi comes face to face with Xan at the audition. After all, Xan, is the front man for Lion’s Pride. The requirements to audition were, among others, panthera-leo mutator tendencies. Levi is certainly familiar with the shifter classification, but wants the band to see what he can do with his guitar.

Levi has gone to great lengths to prove himself worthy of the band and of Xan’s attention. But, those lengths have left him feeling aggressive, exhausted, sick, and full of guilt. Levi is not sure how much longer he can pull off his charade to make all of dreams come true. Levi wants to come clean, but to do that would risk losing the band and Xan.

The awesomeness that is lion shifter rock stars. Think about that for a moment. Lion shifter rock stars. On that premise alone, this book was written for me. This story had me at the first page as Levi is freaking out about his audition. But something else is going on with him. When he gets on stage, Xan recognizes him and Levi is not sure if he has already blown his chance. Xan is as gorgeous as Levi remembers with his mane of sexy, golden hair. Levi just has to get himself together to play his guitar.

After the audition, Xan goes to see Levi and knows something is off with him. Levi tells Xan he has been sick and is taking vitamins that also make him feel a little sick. During a break at the first rehearsal, Levi is so pumped full of adrenaline that he cannot keep his hands off of Xan, not that Xan minds. Xan jokes that maybe he needs some of Levi’s vitamins too. Levi and Xan slowly start a physical relationship, but Levi knows that his heart is also becoming tangled up in his lust for Xan. Levi questions how he can expect their relationship to progress when he is lying 24/7. The fact that Levi is lying about something is made perfectly clear, but the bigger picture is that he is young, alone in the world, and just trying to find a place for himself with his music and hopefully with Xan. Levi and Xan are hot together, but there is also a lot of emotion as they find something special with each other.

This is a bit of a different type of shifter story as shifters are casually living with non-shifters and there are bylaws that allow shifters to shift at certain times during the day. The shifters relate differently as well and even make fun a little bit of some of the stereotypical shifters traits, such as mating rituals. Levi and Xan are cool, interesting, likable guys and the entire story can be read quickly. It is a fun read and you will quickly flip pages to find out exactly what Levi is hiding. This is primarily Levi’s story and the rock star aspects, as well as the actual shifting, are the secondary story lines that are woven together.

For a brief moment, just a brief one, I wanted the story to progress a little faster.  Klein does a great job of drawing out the tension of what Levi is hiding, but, the story is a shorter one. There is also not a lot of shifting on page and the characters talk about “running their cats.” As I saw the pages winding down, I would have liked a bit more time after we see what is going on with Levi and a bit more on page lion shifting. While it does make the finale to their concert highly anticipated, I would have liked an encore. Basically, it was a great story that I just wanted more of.

If you like rock stars, if you like shifters, add in some hot scenes with hot guys, read Tabby’s Pride. Did I mention there were rock star lion shifters?

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