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series spotligtIf you’ve ever read Amy Lane, you’ve read the good, the shiny, and the angsty. I am a huge fan of this author. I love everything I’ve read by her, but I have to say her knitters are my favorite. There’s something so warming and lovable about these guys that I just want more of. Plus they’re assholes. Well, at least one half of the couple is an ass, but he’s eventually softened enough to fall in love. It’s that process that makes this series so wonderful.


Winter Courtship Rituals of Fur-bearing Critters
winter courtshipRating: 4.75 stars
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Alpaca farmer and fiber mill owner, Rance Crawford, is taken by surprise when the man who moves in next door turns out to be the only other gay man that Craw knows of in town. But “just because you put a mating pair in a pen doesn’t mean one of them’s going ass-up for the other one.” Or at least that was Craw’s take before he took California-native Ben shopping for winter supplies. Hopelessly smitten for the first time in his life, Craw breaks it off with his sometimes booty call and does everything he can to get Ben’s attention, including knitting for him, offering to help insulate his house and take care of his animals, as well as trying to win Ben’s heart. Craw can be confusing in his not-so-overt courting tactics, but maybe Ben will be able to read between the lines.

Guys, this story is the perfect opening story to this series. It’s so heartwarming and precious. I love the introduction to Craw and Ben, when Ben is moving in and blurts out that he is gay to one of the movers after they made a comment trying to put Craw down. Craw is gruff and straightforward. He says what he means and that’s what I most love about him. He’s the perfect contrast to Ben’s sweet innocence. The introduction to the cast of characters that is such an intricate part of this series also happens in this book. This story is short, but full of the feels, full of plot and characterization. I loved every single second of this sweet story.

How to Raise an Honest Rabbit

how to raise an honest rabbitRating: 5 stars
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Con-man Jeremy Stillson has not been on the up and up his entire life. Well, pretty much not any of his life. After witnessing the murder of his father and the kindness of a man who by all accounts didn’t have any reason to be kind, Jeremy decides to go straight, but going straight is not as easy as it sounds. When a smalltime mill owner offers to take Jeremy in and give him a job, he’s sure it’s just another con, but Craw seems sincere, and his staff accepts Jeremy as one of them. Even though Aiden is not thrilled about his new co-worker, he trains him, however begrudgingly.

When Jeremy knits a hat for Aiden, a friendship blooms that sparks an attraction, but Aiden is nearly ten years younger than him, and Jeremy refuses to cross that line, especially when he always has one foot out the door. Running is what Jeremy is good at, so when things get hard running is his first thought. Except Aiden keeps giving him reasons to stay. Over the years, the attraction between Jeremy and Aiden heats up, but if they give in will it be enough to keep Jeremy from wanting to run?

Jeremy and Aiden are by far my favorite couple in this series. There is a broken sweetness in Jeremy that is so appealing and heartbreaking at the same time. Jeremy has done a lot and seen a lot yet he yearns to be good. And Aiden represents the goodness in his world. Aiden is what tethers him to his need to be a better person. Their friendship that grows into a relationship is beautiful and so perfect. I love the tension Lane creates in this story, both emotional and sexual. It’s gripping and sets the stage for the most wonderful romance. I just love this story. If you haven’t read it, you definitely should.

A Knitter in His Natural Habitat
16095148Rating: 5 stars
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Stanley Schulze was a little bit broken hearted when his former booty call, Craw, broke things off. He tried hitting the clubs, but it’s not the same as it once was. So now a reformed club baby, Stanley spends his days working as a yarn buyer and his nights knitting with no intention of opening his legs until he can commit to one thing, like knitting, much like monogamy. And then the new delivery boy, Johnny McMelty-Eyes, walks through the door of his shop.

Johnny likes his bottoms slutty, but he also likes them monogamous, so when Johnny asks Stanley on a date, he’s floored. Stanley has never had a boyfriend before and doesn’t know how this thing called dating really works. It’s a good thing that Johnny does. But Johnny has a secret, a deep dark past that has followed him to Boulder, and Stanley could care less about his safety. Stanley worries about the safety of the friends and loved ones who have become his family. But not watching his back may be Stanley’s downfall.

I love this book! And I absolutely adore Stanley and Johnny. My heart still hurts with the events of this book. I like that Stanley isn’t immediately accepting of Johnny’s past. He takes time to weigh the pros and the cons and figure out where his heart stands. And Johnny gives him that space. I really like the pace of their relationship, the realness of it, the acceptance. It’s very sweet and quite perfect. The action and tension in this story is very exciting. Johnny’s past is intriguing and a huge part of this story. The mob action in this story is very small, but holds a very big presence, which adds great value to the plot. And probably most of all I love Jeremy’s part in this story. I already said Jeremy is one of the best parts of this series. His role in this book is heartbreaking and painful and so very perfect. I can’t say enough good things about this book. You should definitely read it.


The Granby Knitting series can be found in ebook format separately or in paperback as The Granby Knitting Menagerie. No matter how you prefer to read, ebook or paperback, you should own this series. It’s such a beautiful, sweet, and fabulously written series. I am ready to get my grabby hands on the next book in the series. I highly, highly recommend this entire series. You should definitely read all three books.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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