Over the past few weeks, we have been reviewing the Supernatural Bounty Hunters series books two at a time. This the final installment, featuring books 5 and 6. You can find the first two sets of reviews here and here.

The Incubus AgendaRating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novella

Nick Tarrant, newly elected member of the Werewolf Coalition and informant for the underground, has a decision to make. He can keep his involvement in the underground resistance a secret, or try to save bloody and beaten incubus, Brody Lennox.

Brody is near death after his capture and beating by Counsilor Ludvik’s blood demons. Nick manages to convince the heads of the Werewolf Coalition, Vampire Clans Counsel, as well as Counsilor Ludvik, to let him take Brody for questioning. Once away from prying eyes, Nick helps Brody and engineers their escape from Glitnir. Then Nick and Brody arrive at a resistance safe house where Nick encounters Declan’s family and strongly encourages them to leave the safe house, find their son, and finally put Declan’s mind at ease regarding his missing family.

Soon after Declan’s family depart, the safe house is surrounded by retrievers ready to take down Nick and Brody. Joseph and Phin have protected the house with powerful wards to keep the unwanted out, but now Nick and Brody are trapped. In the days that follow, Nick’s wolf makes it abundantly clear that Brody is more than just an incubus.

Included with the retrievers is a mysterious human with magic, Methulan, who infiltrates Nick’s mind, and when Brody’s condition worsens, offers to send Brody to safety with the resistance.  When the group finally returns to the resistance camp, Nick and Brody are reunited. During Nick’s recounting of his time at the safe house, he mentions the mysterious Methulan, which elicits a violent and passionate response from Reuben, the ancient vampire freed from the book of days. Brody is still near death, refusing to admit that he is Nick’s mate, the resistance is gaining strength with the news from the Second Kingdom and Reuben’s revelation, but Glitnir is gaining strength as well.

I have to admit that Brody, and by extension, Levi are becoming my favorite characters in the series. The mythology surrounding incubi and how Scott addresses them is fascinating and leaves me wanting more. For this being the shortest of the six installments and featuring the fewest locales, I found it to be the most informative part of the saga. We get to revisit Brody, an old friend from The Vampire Contract, and meet a new friend of the resistance, Nick, who has been feeding inside information about the Werewolf Coalition to Joseph and the resistance. Nick, like all shifters, needs no convincing when his wolf declares that Brody is his mate, but Brody refuses to acknowledge the bond and give up his promiscuous incubus ways, which have always left him satisfied. Honestly, we see into Brody’s mind and can see he will give in which makes me think he doth protest too much… The Incubus Agenda is as close to a cliff hanger as this series will see, and even then, it is not much of one. More pieces keep be added to the board and we can see the end game is in sight.

The Third KingdomRating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novella

Following the revelations in The Incubus Agenda, Reuben and Methulan (who now goes by the name Ethan), reunite on the site of the battle held almost a millennia ago. Ludvik was responsible for trapping Reuben in the book of days, making Reuben believe that Ethan took his own life. The details of the centuries old Ludvik are revealed and the depth of his madness is truly understood. Reuben and Ethan, separated since that fateful day, need to figure out if they are still meant for each other. The bloodthirsty warrior vampire is transformed by the return of his love, his other half, Ethan.

Asher and Simeon are having issues of their own. The cat shifters refuse to speak to Asher, a blood demon, regardless of the fact that he is King. Asher is desperate to navigate the political land mines that are the Second Kingdom and its people, who refuse to cooperate with each other for the benefit of all. In the midst of it all, Asher is concerned about his relationship with Simeon.

Joseph and Micah, tasked with getting the Vampire Clans Council on their side, are worried primarily about Cassius, head of the Council, who has shown ties with Counsilor Ludvik. Connor and Declan now have five wolves loyal to the Connor and the Underground. Undermining Niceros, the head of the Werewolf Coalition, and gaining additional wolf support is critical.  An Alpha challenge will prove to be the defining moment for the wolves and the resistance: the leader of the retrievers versus the traitor.

All of the players are pulling together in the hopes of succeeding at creating the Third Kingdom, where all citizens would be equal, and the corruption that has plagued Glitnir for centuries will be eliminated. What may have been deemed impossible at one point is coming to pass, and the battle for the Third Kingdom will be waged. History is repeating itself, yet this time, the two sides have a more intimate knowledge of each other, and only one side can come away from the battle victorious.

I found that this installment was the best written of the six, and addresses each of the couples, both personally and for their roles in the final battle at Arberfan. The love and connection between brothers Joseph and Micah, as well as all of the mated pairs, is made evident in subtle ways, such as how Joseph can tell Micah the frequency and duration of Phin’s visits, how the various characters speak of their other halves to each other and the hope that they will succeed, and finally be able to live free.

If you are hoping for lots of hot action, this may not be the series for you, as the buildup toward the conflict is kept at the forefront of the story, and although the characters have a chance to indulge at times, their respective tasks keep most of them apart until the end. There is use of a modern day colloquialism “covering our six,” which doesn’t really fit in this world.  The torture scenes and the number of secondary characters killed in the course of the story is unusual for Scott, yet necessary for accuracy, tone, and overall tension.

As a series, I found The Supernatural Bounty hunters to be complex and at times confusing, requiring some faith and reading to fill the gaps and clarify the story. I liked the fact that each story focused on a different relationship, yet had a single unifying theme and story line that everything revolved around. As a novel, this would have been a mess to plot and the six novellas were the best medium for her boys, their budding love, and lives. I would rate the entire series a 4.25 stars out of 5.

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