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For the ticket price of $543.90, Logan Mitchell has just been inducted into the Mile High Club, on what he thought would be a boring flight. As a partner in a law firm, Logan works hard and plays hard. Men. Women. He wants them and they all want him. For years, ever since him, Logan’s motto for hookups has been Chase. Catch. Release. His thought is that, “Until the moment his cock got hard for only one person, he planned to use it to its full potential.”

Tate has just gotten out of a four-year marriage and his soon to be ex-wife is still making his life hell. A relationship is not what he is looking for. A man is definitely not what he is looking for. He is looking for a fresh start with a new job at an upscale Chicago bar. Tate’s latest problem, however, is that he has caught the focused and unwanted attention of Logan, a regular at the bar.

Night after night, Tate tries to deal with the persistent advances of Logan. As much as he resists Logan, Tate cannot understand why he keeps checking the door to see if Logan has come in yet. As Tate witnesses an intimate moment between Logan and a female co-worker, Tate finds his body longing for something he cannot understand.

Logan doesn’t play fair. Tate doesn’t do men. When Tate makes it clear that he doesn’t want Logan, Logan tells him he will never really know unless he gives it a try.

Blazing. Erotic. On fire. Logan and Tate are all of the above, because hot does not even begin to describe it. When Logan first sees Tate behind the bar, he tracks him like a hunter stalking his prey. His cock reacts immediately and his one thought is how to get Tate down on his knees. Tate does not know what to think about Logan as they immediately engage in verbal sparring and a self described cat and mouse game that leaves Tate all kinds of confused and aroused. They are constantly trying to get the upper hand with each other. When Tate finally tells Logan to stop looking at him like he wants to suck him, Logan tells Tate he wants to try him.

Logan entices Tate by reminding him that men like sex. A lot. True to his word, when these guys are not talking about sex, they have their hands, mouths, and bodies all over each other. And it doesn’t matter where they are: Logan’s office, the break room, the kitchen, the couch, and they even do make it into the bedroom. These guys both have a dominant side and there is constant clashing as they try to navigate what is going on between them. Tate is trying to readjust everything he knows about himself. Logan may just have to admit that Tate is more than just a game, a challenge, and a good time. But, is it just a game? There is anger, jealously, confusion, overheard conversations, and conclusions drawn. When emotions reach they boiling point and actions become publicly desperate, Tate goes all in. Logan…well that would just ruin it all if I told you what Logan does.

Logan and Tate’s lives intertwine in ways they never expected. When Tate finally gives into his body’s reactions to Logan and they begin a sexual relationship, it sets them on a course that changes both of their lives. Logan is used to always being in charge and has no need for a relationship. We get quick mentions of him and know there is someone in Logan’s past that scarred him. When Tate takes over as he gives into his curiosity, we get to see a vulnerable side of Logan that is certainly a contradiction to the confident man that has slept with most of Tate’s co-workers.

Many times we want the characters in our books to be completely real. We want to feel like we are living right along with the characters. While Try does have some of that, it also has a hot voyeuristic side. We are watching these guys act and interact as we get an intimate look into their physical and emotional private lives. This is Logan’s and Tate’s story. There is only limited time with other characters: Logan’s brother, Tate’s family, a female bartender. And this time, that is all just okay. If I were to have any second thoughts they would be these: Once the physical barrier of the bar is removed and Logan and Tate are in the same literal space, the shift for Tate was relatively quick. Tate becomes very open very quickly, as his physical response (i.e. raging hard on) overwhelms him. Is it realistic? Maybe, maybe not. Also, just a few times, the descriptions these two strong men use are a bit romance-y and smooth, but again it is a romance novel. Often we read to lose ourselves in the lives of others. Looking at this story from all angles, we could think really hard about if it is real life or fiction and fantasy. But, in this case, it is just not necessary and I do not want to think that hard this time. I say to just hang on and enjoy the wild ride that is Logan and Tate, and okay, I will go for the obvious, definitely give them a Try.

The book ends with a HFN. There is even a bit of a cliffhanger, but not one that I was terribly bothered by. We get to spend a lot of time with Logan and Tate and I was even okay (which usually I am not) with the ending not being fully and completely wrapped up. But, July 2014, the story continues with Take and I cannot wait to check in with Logan and Tate. It will make for one hot summer.

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