new birdHello everyone! Welcome to a new addition to Joyfully Jay, our Feature of the Week post!

I have realized that there is a lot of information on the blog and a lot of cool features that not everyone can find (or even knows they are there).  So I decided that on Sunday afternoons I am going to run a Feature of the Week posts that highlights something that you all might enjoy or find helpful in tracking down reviews and other information.

This week’s Feature of the Week is our Reviews by… menu.  We run a lot of reviews here and keeping track of them is not always easy.  So we have made it simple to quickly pull up all the reviews that fit a certain category.  This includes Reviews by Genre, Reviews by Rating, and Reviews by Reviewer.

What Is It?

Reviews by Genre pulls up all the reviews that fit into certain categories. Are you in the mood for Contemporary?  Or a Paranormal? Or maybe some Sci Fi/Futuristic stories?  Reviews by Genre will let you quickly pull up a list of all our reviews by a particular sub genre.

Reviews by Rating gives you all reviews with a specific rating.  Are you looking for our absolute favorites? Check out all our 5-star reviews in one place!

Reviews by Reviewer shows all of the reviews written by the 8 of us here at Joyfully Jay.  If you find your tastes align with one of our reviewers, you can easily see everything that person has reviewed and see if anything strikes your fancy. Or maybe you remember reading a review by one of us but can’t remember the name of the book. This is an easy way to pull up all our reviews together.

Where Do I Find It?

Our Reviews by… section can be accessed in the red Menu bar under the Reviews tab.  Hold your mouse over the Reviews tab and the popup menu will show Reviews by Rating, Reviewer, and Genre. Just follow the arrow to get the flyout submenu and click on any of the options to pull up all the reviews in that category.


That’s it for this week!  Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.  I will be back next week with a new feature to highlight. In the meantime, Happy Reading!!

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