new birdHello everyone! I am back with our new Feature of the Week post, a new feature I’m going to be running on Sunday afternoons to help people get to know some of the stuff we offer on the blog.

Last week we talked about the Reviews by… section of the blog.  Today we are going to talk about the Site Map.

What Is It?

The Site Map is a page that outlines just about everything on the blog. It can make it really easy to find a page or a post and jump right there.  The Site Map includes:

  • A list of all the pages on the blog
  • A list of posts by month
  • An enormous list of recent posts

And my favorite feature, a list of all the Categories on the blog. I love this because by clicking on a Category, you can see all the posts that have that same Category. So you can quickly find all our audiobook reviews, or all our Fantasy reviews, or any other category of post.

The best part is all of these items are linked so you can jump right to the post or page you want to see.

Where Do I Find It?

The Site Map is located on the red Menu bar at the top of the blog.  Just click on the tab and you will jump right there!

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