Today I am so pleased to welcome Kelly Jamieson to Joyfully Jay. Kelly has come to talk to us about her latest release, Reward of Three (Rule of Three Book 3). She has also brought along a copy of Rule of Three, the first book in the series, to give away.  Please join me in giving her a big welcome!


Thank you so much to Jay for having me here today!

I’ve written a number of ménage a trois romances and one thing I enjoy about writing these stories is the incredible variety you can have in the whole boy-meets-girl or boy-meets-boy, or in the case of three, boy-meets-boy-meets girl, or…well you get the idea!

My most popular ménage stories are M/M/F stories. Some people will define these as stories where “the boys touch” but for me it’s always more than just touching—it’s a sexual relationship yes, but even more, the boys are in love with each other as well as with a woman.

Most often, people don’t set out looking for a polyamorous relationship. They may already be in a loving relationship when they meet someone else and fall in love with that person too. Often these are “open” relationships, but I like exploring the possibilities (fantasy?) of all three people loving each other—a true triad.

In my book Rule of Three, Chris and Kassidy are a loving, committed couple. They certainly weren’t planning to fall in love with another person. They’re definitely not looking for another person to “complete” them when Chris’s college friend Dag comes home for a visit. Dag’s been secretly in love with Chris for years, still with a faint wistful hope that he might have more than friendship with Chris. But when an unexpected attraction between Kassidy and Dag brings him into their bed, long hidden feelings come to the surface.

Like people who don’t plan to fall in love with two people, I didn’t plan to write three books in this series! During the editing process of Rule of Three, my editor suggested I add some details about the kinds of struggles these three might face living in a poly relationship, and I did. But I knew that was just touching the surface.

Poly relationships definitely have challenges— acceptance of a non-traditional lifestyle by friends, family, co-workers. Assumptions that a poly relationship means “free love” and permission to have sex with other people. The concept of being able to love more than one person is sometimes difficult to understand – most people believe that you can only give your whole heart to one person at a time, and if you do love someone else you are “cheating”. And what if children come into the equation? How will a child with two fathers and a mother (in this case) be accepted in society?

Exploring some of those challenges led me to write books two and three in the series, Rhythm of Three and Reward of Three. I know there are people “in real life” facing these challenges and more every day. At one point in Reward of Three, Kassidy wishes for the kind of world where they could be open and honest with everyone about their relationship. But despite their struggles, I do write romance and there is always a HEA… ?

Do you read ménage romances and if so, what do you enjoy (or not like) about them?


Reward of ThreeSometimes the darkest nights produce the brightest stars…

When the pregnancy test turns positive, Kassidy, Dag, and Chris are thrilled they’re going to be parents at last. Their polyamorous relationship has blossomed, and there’s more than enough love to go around for their long-awaited little “Belly Bean.”

Then reality sets in. Dag grew up without a father. Does that mean he’s too damaged to be a good role model? Kassidy is at a critical point in her career, working long hours on a high-profile project. And Chris gets a disappointing–but not exactly unexpected–reaction when he contacts his parents with the news.

As worry nibbles at the edges of their happiness, fate is poised to tear it to shreds, leaving a loving foundation three years in the making cracking under the weight of grief and guilt. And the trio in the fight of their lives to repair their unconventional bonds.

Warning: Our sexy threesome is back for their happy ending. Keep extra tissues on hand for tears, a fan on standby for hot sex, and a post-it note to remind you to take a deep breath. It’s time to find out if the juice is really worth the squeeze.


Kelly JamiesonKelly Jamieson is a best-selling author of over thirty romance novels and novellas. Her writing has been described as “emotionally complex”, “sweet and satisfying” and “blisteringly sexy”. Where you can find Kelly:


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