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I am all kinds of tied up in this book. Whether you’re a diehard fan gurl, like me, or whether you’ve never read a Mary Calmes book, All Kinds of Tied Down book is angsty, exciting, sweet, romantic, funny… heck, it’s all the feels rolled into one gigantic ball of freaking awesome.

Three years ago, United States Marshal Miro Jones was assigned as Ian Doyle’s partner. Complete opposites, Miro’s calm and collected approach to Ian’s devil may care attitude, they were slated for failure. But where others sympathized with Miro when it came to Ian’s hotheaded, spontaneous work, Miro found a best friend in Ian. And more, though he’d never tell his straight best friend, he’d been in love with him for years.

Miro compares every potential date he has to Ian, which means he doesn’t date often. And even thought Ian is dating Emma, he always chooses to spend time with Miro instead. Invited to go to Emma’s birthday party with Ian, the pair spot a guest passing out drugs and instead of quietly taking care of the problem, the chase ends in Miro jumping out of a window along with the perp—successfully ending Ian’s relationship.

A former Green Beret, Ian is still serves in the Army Reserve, so when he’s called to duty, Miro goes about his daily life working and missing his best friend. In the process of transporting a witness, Miro and his temporary partner discover the witness’ police protection is a group of dirty cops, resulting in a chase that ends with Miro shot and in the hands of his best friends from college (who, coincidentally, are all girls and also are bossy and nosy as all get out).

Weeks later, after he’s healed and the girls have flown back to their own areas of the country, while Miro is preparing for an extraction with another of his temporary partners, Ian calls to let Miro know he is on his way home and is incensed to find out Miro put himself in the path of danger once again. Talking his way into the extraction Miro is working on, Ian joins Miro on the plane almost as soon as he got home.

That’s when Miro sees what he’s missed all these years: the want and need in Ian’s eyes. Where the trip shows both men what they could be together, it takes a turn for the worse when the witness they arrive to pick up is nowhere to be found.  Walking into their most dangerous situation yet, Miro and Ian may be torn apart before they have the chance to really accept being together.

So, like I said, freaking awesome. This book is classic Mary Calmes, from the characters that are easily lovable down to the quick and witty banter. I love it so much. All Kinds of Tied Down now ranks in my most loved books of ever. This story is full of emotional and sexual tension. It’s wrought with excitement and adventure. And it’s captivating in its journey of discovery and romance. This book sucked me in and refused to let go.

I can’t tell you guys just how much I loved Miro. Miro is an in control kind of guy. And don’t let him fool you; he looks at Ian and sees him as reckless and hotheaded, but Miro is just as reckless, he simply masks it better. I mean, how many guys do you know who jump off a balcony? Just sayin. His unrequited love for Ian is heart wrenching at times because he’s pretty much decided that if he can’t have the one man he wants (who’s so seemingly straight), he’ll be celibate. Miro is the guy we all cheer for, because in his own way he’s the underdog—dreaming of the impossible. He’s the perpetual best friend. His relationship turn into just that—except for with his ex, but that guy was a douche. He’s loyal and protective, determined and caring. I just adore him.

And Ian. Gah! You guys, Ian is this over the top, balls to the wall kind of guy who takes action first and thinks later. Miro is his balance. Now, this story is in Miro’s POV, but as is Calmes’s way, I found it easy and exciting to get to know Ian. In the beginning, he acts like this shallow, dick of a guy who only cares about getting off—which if you ask any of his exes that’s exactly what he’s all about. But when it comes to Miro, he’s protective and gentle (something that is so far beyond the Neanderthal he appears to be). He loves with his whole heart and once he chooses to love someone, he doesn’t let go of that. One of the things I love so much about Ian is his ability to accept himself and his wants. He’s not straight exactly. If I had to label him, he’s not gay for you. He’s gay, you’ll have to read it to understand, but his acceptance of himself and his feelings for Miro leads him to actually finding himself.

For those of you who, like me, can never get enough of Sam and Jory (from the A Matter of Time series), well the wait is over… for now. Sam is Miro and Ian’s boss, and he’s still everything I fell in love with so very long ago: gruff, bossy, and caring. Now, Jory only has the briefest of cameos with the kids, but still, it’s worth it, like that moment you catch sight of your favorite rockstar backstage after a concert. I’m fan gurling pretty hard, I know, but geez I love those guys. And that’s not all, from his brother’s mouth, we get a mini update on Peter and Carver from Where You Lead.

As always, I was engrossed in this story from start to finish. I literally picked up the book and couldn’t put it down. I love this author’s style. It’s so relatable and attractive. Her characters and their stories are not only exciting and entertaining, they’re real, or at least they feel real. I really liked that this plot didn’t center around one specific case. It focused mostly on Miro and Ian’s friendship/relationship and secondary on their work. This story walks readers through the life of a pair of US Marshals and their everyday lives, including their crazy jobs. And there’s so much in this story that could possibly (hopefully) turn into a sequel.

If it’s not already obvious, I absolutely loved this book, everything about it. I’m crossing my fingers and toes in hopes that this book will turn into a series. I highly, highly recommend All Kinds of Tied Down by Mary Calmes.

Cover: I am so drawn to this cover. Reece Dante created a piece that is eye-catching and perfect, as well as subtle and beautiful. I love it so much.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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