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Length: Short Story

It’s either willingly have dinner with Mick or worry that Mick will make good on his threat to come into Rowen’s house and make him. When Mick shows Rowen what he plans for dinner—a cookout in the woods—Rowen is pleasantly relieved and even a little happy to be with Mick. But when Mick mentions that he’d done a little snooping, Rowen flips out and almost does something he’ll regret. Afraid of his actions, of what he’s done to Mick especially after Mick explains himself, Rowen runs.

Unable to find Rowen after his disappearing act, Mick is determined to renew his search in the morning. A scratch at his bedroom window clues Mick into the fact that someone is outside. Certain it’s not Rowen, Mick runs to his vehicle without his keys only to be found by a man from his past. When Rowen spots the man chasing Mick through the woods, he can either choose to help the man he’s certain he’s already hurt or he can turn his back on him.

Blown Hard is the third installment of Havan Fellows’ Whispering Winds series and the eleventh installment of the Pulp Friction 2014 collection.

Now, I have loved Mick and Rowen from the beginning, but now I’m head over heels. This story is darker than the first two. This story shows a side to Rowen that is a little scary. I’m still on the fence with how exactly how I feel about it. But here’s the thing: days after finishing this story it’s still on my mind, and that’s definitely saying something. I’m a little twitchy about the events in the woods, but I also see the fear in Rowen, the dark place that makes him snap. I honestly cannot wait to see where it goes from here. I want to know what has brought Rowen to this place.

And finally we find out what drove Mick to his sudden move to Mountain Shadows. His past is a big part of this story and of who he is. I’ve known that Mick is a big softie but now we get to see his motivations, discover who he was before the move. Fellows does a great job of giving readers something to judge before they know the whole story. In fact, for a minute my view of Mick dimmed before I realized what was really going on with him.

I love this series. The guys, their vulnerabilities and secrets, are so freaking awesome. I cannot wait to see where Mick and Rowen end up. I can hardly wait for what’s next. I highly recommend Blown Hard by Havan Fellows.

Note: The Whispering Winds series is meant to be read in order and in conjunction with the rest of the of the Pulp Friction 2014 series.

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