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Leader of secret group of magical operatives, Christian Weatherly is on the trail of an evil, rogue mage by the name of Ronan. Ronan has tormented the magical community and worse in his quest to find an amulet thought long lost after he murdered the last of the Ansley clan, protectors of the amulet. But now murders in the United States reek of Ronan’s involvement and Chris must go to the U.S. to investigate.

throwback thursdayDetective Alec Anderson works alone, has ever since the death of his partner, in all senses of the word. So he is none too pleased to find out that he will be participating in some sort of British cop exchange program. Alec is in the middle of a homicide investigation that makes no sense. People are showing up dead for no reason and with no evidence pointing to a killer. The only witnesses speak of impossible happenings—floating balls of light and horrid monsters. And things only get stranger with the arrival of Chris.

Something about Chris pulls Alec in and he doesn’t like it. It’s been years since he lost Drew but still any attraction to another man feels like a betrayal. Then the dreams start. Dreams where once he saw only Drew, now he sees Chris. And as disconcerting as that is, things with Chris don’t completely add up. Working late one night leads to both men finally giving into their attraction, but things change when the ball of light and the monster attack, leaving Chris to save the day.

When Chris finally tells Alec the truth about his magic, Alec doesn’t believe him, no matter how much proof he’s shown. Running away to avoid Chris as much as to learn more about him, Alec learns more about himself than he does about Chris. And when he returns, the attraction between them is stronger than ever. But their worst nightmare happens as they are reunited, turning both men’s worlds upside down.

Happy Throwback Thursday, boys and girls. For this week’s edition, I’d like to introduce you to an oldie but goodie. Falling is one of the first m/m books I read. I’ll have you know there was a time I was afraid of reading fantasy books. Don’t know. Can’t explain it. But then I found M.L. Rhodes. In fact, I read absolutely every one of her contemporary works before I ventured into the fantasy pieces. And I’m so happy I did. Like I said, Falling was one of my firsts and I still love it to this day.

The story opens with Jason Ansley, keeper of the amulet, rushing his family out the door in fear that Ronan, the dark mage, will find and kill them. Eve and the baby slip away while Jason prepares for the worst. The next scene is thirty years later, outlining an alleged history of what happened that night. These two scenes set the tone for the whole story. The first time I opened this book, I was immediately drawn in by the tension and emotion of the prologue. And I had to know what really happened. I needed to know.

Chris and Alec—they are the story. And there’s obviously more than a simple romance. They are this world’s version of soulmates. And they are good together. Alec’s struggle, first with his loss and then with Chris’ magic, is what makes this story so appealing. Things with Chris and Alec seem to be a constant battle until they’re not. It’s like one thing after another is always after them, but the author is good to work in bits of relationship building throughout the story, so in the end, I was both in love with the guys and with the story.

This story is pretty fast paced. Once it starts, I was locked into the action. And the writing helps. This author has the ability to draw me into a story with her color descriptions and keep me captivated by her characters and worlds. This story is no different. The world is tinged with a little darkness and I felt it. The way this world is built is very visual. I can even see Chris’ house in England. It’s quite impressive.

There is a tiny timeline issue I still have questions about as well as some confusion as to whose mother (Jason’s or Eve’s) lives in the United States. But other than that I am unfailingly glued to the pages of this story every time I read it.

This story is close to my heart, as I tend to fall in love with characters and their stories. Falling has stuck with me for the past four years and I don’t see it falling by the wayside anytime soon. I have heard rumor that the author plans to continue it as a series, but there is no estimated time of completion. So I will continue to wait patiently for more of Chris and Alec’s story.


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