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Bridge Sullivan has never questioned who he is and what he wants, but when his friend got hurt, the paramedic that showed up got his attention, and not in the way he expected. The first erotic dream he had about Eric was a little confusing, but Bridge used the off months from the rodeo to come to terms with possibly having a thing for another man. It wouldn’t be the first time he’d been with a man, but it would be the first time it meant more than sex. Eric is his friend after all.

When Eric shows up at the practice arena, Bridge realizes that the dream is more than just a dream. His feelings for Eric are real, but now he has to find a way to tell Eric how he feels and let his friends in on his secret before he pushes them away.

Eric Palmer loves being part of the group. Bridge and his friends accepted Eric almost immediately and he fears losing it like he’s lost everyone else in his past. Kicked out by his parents, dropped by his friends, and lied to by his ex-boyfriends, Eric is certain that there’s something about him that is lacking. His attraction to Bridge is strong, but his need to be part of the group is stronger, and he wants to be part of things as long as possible. Battling himself and his feelings, Eric finally gives into Bridges come ons, but only in a friends with benefits’ capacity.

But when real feelings and emotions get involved in their casual arrangement, Eric finds it’s easier to leave before he’s left behind, but at what cost?

Let it Ride is the second book in L.C. Chase’s Pickup Men series.

We meet Bridge and Eric in Pickup Men. Bridge is Marty’s best friend from way back and Eric is the paramedic who showed up when Marty got hurt. The chemistry was obvious in the first book so I’m very happy that the two have a story of their own. Now, I liked the first story, but I didn’t love it. It was good but not great. I liked Let it Ride so much more. It’s a wonderfully sweet story for a very hot connection.

I like Bridge so much and that he questions his feelings for Eric but doesn’t run from them. Instead, he faces it, finds himself, and goes for what he wants. He’s a super patient guy, sometimes more patient that I understood. He’s a passionate, understanding character of the best kind. Eric is my favorite part of this book. He’s so conflicted and broken. Everyone in Eric’s life has thrown him away so he spends most of this book thinking Bridge and his friends will do the same thing, finally see whatever everyone else has found lacking in him. He finds it difficult to believe and trust himself, much less anyone else. Hope is something that’s only brought him disappointment and heartbreak. And along comes Bridge. Bridge who flirts and makes promises that scare Eric. The greatest part of their relationship is how the balance one another. One’s strength is the other’s weakness.

This story is cute. The author pulled me in emotionally with the conflicted emotions. Angst is present in this story but not overbearing. In fact, it’s the perfect amount for these characters, and it makes the resolution so satisfying. The progression of this tale—from friends to friends with benefits to lovers—adds a great quality to the storyline. I loved the inclusion of Marty and Tripp in this story. It was wonderful to see how their relationship has grown in a few short months.

Chase has given readers a fabulous story in Bridge and Eric. I love that the story focuses so much on their relationship, although I wouldn’t have minded a little more a little more cowboy. I really liked this story and I’m looking forward to what this author has coming up next. I definitely recommend Let it Ride by L.C. Chase.

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