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Logan Mitchell is a self confident man who takes what he wants. This strategy has worked well for him in his business life as well as most of his personal life. After seeing Tate Morrison that first night, Logan pursued him relentlessly, convincing the sexy bartender to give him a try. Logan now finds himself addicted to Tate and he is in way too deep. He has always been able to walk away before, but he constantly craves Tate. Logan has to break his own rules, let Tate in, and expose his most vulnerable secrets to make Tate his.

Tate Morrison took the biggest risk of his life the night he showed up at Logan’s apartment to explore his overwhelming and unexpected physical reaction to the man. He still cannot stop thinking about Logan. As the two spend more time together, Tate sees all that life with Logan has to offer. The excitement and the satisfaction are all there in the bedroom, but Tate has to come to terms with being in a relationship with a man in public as well.

Dealing with being unexpectedly outed, both Logan and Tate will have to conquer their fears. For Logan, it is the past, the damage inflicted by a former lover, and his fear of relationships. For Tate, it is his disapproving Catholic family, and the future of life with a man. Along with the overwhelming lust and arousal, Logan and Tate have found something unexpected — love. It’s right there in front of both of them. They just have to reach out and take it.

Logan and Tate are back! Take is the second novel in the Temptation series. It must be read after the first novel Try, which is not a hardship at all, as both books are on fire. Take opens directly after Try ends, in the same scene. Continuing in the same scene is not a device often used, but when it is done well, like here, it is really enhances the continuity of the story.

The chemistry between Logan and Tate is still ridiculously off the charts. It is really a testament to the skill of author Ella Frank that she is able to write one scene after another between the same guys, where the sexual tension, heat, and full on emotions are flying off the page time and time again throughout the entire book. Logan and Tate are still having lots of hot, dirty sex. They are entertaining in the fact that they know they are dirty with each other, bring it out, as well as seek it out in each other. They are so busy having sex that Tate mocks Logan that he does not know how old Tate is or what his real full name is. Their witty, verbal sparring is still there in full force.

We get the story from both Logan’s and Tate’s POV and it makes for a fuller experience as we really get a deeper sense of both of them and their feelings for each other. The change in perspective was perfectly seamless and I never had to think about whose head I was in. It was delightfully unexpected that we got so much from Logan in this book. We see a lot of his inner dialog in how he sees Tate and his physically attraction to him. They both offer fully visual descriptions and reactions to each other, but it is just a few lines of Logan’s reaction to seeing Tate on his motorcycle in leather pants that was definitely one of the winners. We also see Logan’s jealously, and he knows he’s being ridiculous and childish, but he still just can’t get a grip on himself. And, then there is the vulnerable side of Logan where we learn the entire story of what really happened with his ex Chris, and why Logan does not feel he is good enough for Tate. It was a real treat to be able to see all these different sides to Logan and know there was just so much more to him then what we were initially shown.

There is drama and difficulty with Tate’s family and them being completely unaccepting of Tate dating a man. We again get to spend more time with Logan’s vulnerable side as he does not deal well with the thought of a life without Tate. Tate makes Logan so insane, and it was really so well done to see Logan not be able to control himself and lay all of his emotions out first. Tate deals with a lot of his inner turmoil regarding his family off page, but we do see him work out that he does not need to label his sexuality as he accepts his feelings for Logan.

The time span of both books is just a few weeks in total and even Logan says it feels like years. They go through quite a lot together in a short amount of time, but this time, this book, it totally works and it works extremely well. There are a few minor characters that we briefly see again. There was no reminder from the author as to who they were and it was completely not needed as they were still fresh in my mind.

If I have to get to a part where I have to add in something that stuck out at me, this is the place. The depiction of most of the women in the book was stereotypical overall. Tate’s soon-to-be-ex-wife was the woman that never had one nice thing to say. She was the one that had cheated on Tate, but Tate’s family still welcomes her to church and Sunday meals. There was Tate’s mother as the devout Catholic that only spewed what a disgrace Tate was and Tate’s sister who just stayed quiet and went along with what everyone else was saying. We have seen these characters before. Logan and Tate are such complex, three-dimensional characters that it was a stark contrast that Tate’s family were flat and somewhat uninspired.

Take is a fast moving, highly paced, contemporary book with lots of sexual tension, and well, lots of sex. The story is completely about Logan and Tate who are dynamic characters that evolve significantly over the course of the two books. The ending, well some might groan in frustration when they see those two words, The End, but the second part of the book is called Acceptance, and the last scene is where that word completely plays out for us. There could easily be another book, as we are left smack in the middle of a scene, and since Logan and Tate are definitely on my list of favorite couples, I will be looking out for that for sure.

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