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Length: Novella

Westley Taylor, concierge at the Westin Los Angeles, stops at at his favorite club, Wolverine, after work one night.  Approached on the dance floor by Bruce, a little bump and grind hints to some fun for both men.  Before their night can get interesting, Bruce receives a call and the news on the other end of the line is less than stellar. Turns out that has to help a co-worker, and both men recognize the situation as “hookup interrupted.”

The following day, Westley is assigned to work with a representative of Quikworx for their upcoming training program and much to Westley’s surprise, the company representative is a surprisingly shy Bruce.  Since Bruce is not willing to take the lead in the light of day, it falls to Westley to lead the seduction.  After a night together, Bruce returns to San Diego, and Westley has his work in LA.  Bruce is sure there was a connection, but knows, even as he is handing a business card to Westley, that he will never see him again.

Two weeks later, Bruce is still on Westley’s mind and trickery on the part of a co-worker forces his hand.  Westley calls Bruce and asks him out, much to Bruce’s surprise. Bruce is not Westley’s usual guy, but there is something there that Westley can’t describe. Bruce is insecure, Westley is not. Bruce with his Cavalier, Westley with his Corvette.  Everything about the two men screams “opposites,” yet months of weekend visits pass, and Bruce and Westley’s relationship builds strength, getting to know and appreciate each other’s idiosyncrasies.

Unknown to Bruce, Westley is planning to apply for the Assistant Office Manager’s position at the Westin in San Diego in order to be closer to Bruce and further his career.  Bruce arrives in LA one Friday evening while Westley is still at work, lets himself into Westley’s house, and while he is waiting for Westley to get home, the phone rings and Westley’s mom leaves a message for Westley that turns Bruce’s world upside down.

I really liked Bruce, a one night stand kind of guy, not by choice, who has self-esteem issues until he dons his leather pants and tight shirt and becomes a different person at the clubs, while in the rest of life he is passive and insecure.  Westley, on the other hand, is more assertive and willing to go for what he wants, and whether it be men or work, there is no insecurity in Westley’s world.

So what could possibly go wrong, you might ask?  Ah, the joys of miscommunication, how everyone seems to fuck up the name Bruce?  Will Westley be scared off by Bruce’s Marvel (comic) fetish?  Will Bruce get over his insecurities, realize that he is, in fact, a good looking guy and worthy of love?

I realize that the whole “instant connection, long distance, miscommunication” theme is prevalent, but funnily enough, this story virtually chronicles the start of my relationship to my partner of over 19 years.  A chance meeting at a club that leads to a phone number, a surprise visit, new city, new job, it all happened just like in Technically Dating, a cute story that I personally related to and have no qualms recommending if you want a sweet story with a focus on the relationship, and not just sex.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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