Testament to LoveRating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novella

Emmanuel, Angel of God, has been assigned by The Voice to help Cameron Anderson, a soul who has lost his way.  Weeks later, Emmanuel has not yet returned, and The Voice asks Emmanuel’s oldest friends, the angels Alimon and Calliel, to descend to Earth find and help him.

What Alimon and Calliel find when they arrive at Cameron’s home is a man at the edge of a precipice, despondent because of Emmanuel’s sudden disappearance, with a gun in hand ready to end his own life.  Cameron, divorced from his money-grubing ex-wife with no contact with his two daughters, has had to abandon his passions of training horses and art in favor of painting homes and businesses to pay the alimony.  The loss of Emmanuel is crushing and, worst of all, no one other than him  remembers Emmanuel.  Unbeknownst to Emmanuel, Cameron fell in love with him. Emmanuel fell in love with Cameron in return, at the risk of his soul.

Calliel is torn but convinces Emmanuel to return to Cameron and come clean in order to complete his mission.  He feels that The One did not send Emmanuel to Cameron or Alimon and Calliel to assist without a reason.

Emmanuel and Cameron make love for the first, and hopefully not last, time as Emmanuel must return to heaven to answer for what he has done; falling in love was not in the job description.  Emmanuel hopes to be made mortal and to spend the rest of his days with Cameron, but the judgement for his transgressions is anybody’s guess.

Testament to Love had the necessary religious references but was not overtly preachy.  I liked how the angel Emmanuel was tired of his role in heaven and unsurprised when he formed an attachment to his lost soul, Cameron.  The timing was just right.  I mean, if I had been doing my job, the same job, for millennia, I am sure I would feel the same way as Emmanuel, despondent and bored.

Cameron’s depression before Emmanuel’s arrival was understandable and honestly, when I read about about someone who has to live in squalor in order to pay support, it pisses me off and is, in my opinion, unrealistic.  Before you call me everything under the sun, I grew up with a deadbeat dad and still feel that the divorce settlement in Testament to Love was unfair, and should have been less extreme and worked for both Cameron and his ex-wife.  Cameron’s dedication to his responsibility and subsequent mental decline really made me feel for him as a character.

Testament to Love was a sweet story that addressed a number of serious topics in a short period of time without feeling rushed and featured some appealing characters and spins on religion and love while never crossing the line into sappy.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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