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Tremors is the third installment of T.A. Webb’s Earthquake series, and the twelfth installment of Pulp Friction 2014. It picks up a couple months after Moving Earth ends. The boys, who Charlie’s brother Damon set up to get caught, are scheduled for sentencing and Damon is nowhere to be found. Charlie’s ex, Chip, is the victim of the crime, as the kids set his house on fire. And now Chip is back in Charlie’s life. Amos, Charlie’s boyfriend, says he’s not jealous but he’s definitely annoyed with Chip’s sudden appearance and insertion into Charlie’s and his family’s lives. Charlie is insistent that Chip is happy in his relationship with a former Miss Arizona, however, and is only being friendly.

When a box of Damon’s clothes and belongings show up on Charlie’s doorstep, it becomes clear that Damon’s disappearance is more sinister. While his friends set out to find as much information as possible and the police show up, Chip also shows up accompanied by his fiancé to help and ends up throwing his weight around to get the police to help in the search when they state they can’t do anything for at least twenty-four hours.

Showing the police the box of items, Amos discovers a piece of paper in Damon’s pocket that he hides before the police see it. Then Amos disappears and calls Charlie. He is certain he knows where Damon is but he has to be sure and he needs Charlie’s help. Then the race is on to save Damon before the kidnapper discovers they’re on to him.

Holy cow! Okay, so I’m sure you all know how much I love the incomparable Mr. Webb. Since his debut, I have been addicted. And since then I’ve not been disappointed. Webb’s Earthquake series has captivated me from the beginning. I have a weakness for interracial couples and Charlie and Amos are a perfectly imperfect couple. This story solidifies their bond and yet opens up a new hurdle for them to make it over. I thought I was in love with Charlie and Amos before, but after this book, I love them even more.

Tremors is an apt title for this story. Everything in this book, everyone—except for Amos—is on shaky ground. Charlie’s relationship is shaken with the reappearance of his first love. His family is rocked with Damon disappearance. His calm is tested with threats against his brother. The only firm foundation he has is Amos. Amos, calm and levelheaded under pressure, is the stability and balance in this book. When Charlie’s world is tilted on its axis, Amos rights it. Amos saves the day when Charlie is off-kilter. It was great to see this aspect of their relationship because since the beginning, Charlie has been the rock. People have depended on Charlie for so long, but Amos has been his rock from the beginning. This story only makes that more evident.

This plot is heartbreaking and completely captivating. I was hooked in from the first sentence and glued to the page until the very end. The mind of this author entraps me every single time I pick up a book and this short is no different. This story is fast paced and so smooth. I hardly recognized time passing as I read. And the events, they’re so breathtaking. Emotions run high in this story and as a reader, I felt everything that Charlie experienced. I loved this story so much.

It’s not often that I find a short story that is so amazing that I can hardly put it down, but Tremors is definitely in that category. I can hardly wait to see what happens in Charlie and Amos’ lives next. I highly recommend Tremors by T.A. Webb.

Note: Each book in T.A. Webb’s Earthquake series is meant to be read in order. By reading them out of order, you will miss out on pertinent information from the previous books.

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