Ya Like That?Rating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Short Story

When Evan’s father went to jail, Evan was left with nothing. He lost his home, his belongings, and his mother is currently in a psychiatric hospital. Evan dropped out of college and his job at the diner does not even begin to cover hospital or living expenses.

Seeing an ad for a personal assistant, Evan applies and sends in the required photo of himself. When millionaire Brian sees Evan’s photo, he’s immediately interested. After an unconventional and overly personal phone interview, Evan is fast tracked to an on-site meeting. Hired on the spot and given a large salary advance, Evan is disposed to Brian’s home. It is there he will learn just how personal the assistant job really is.

After finishing this short story, I have decided that the best way to enjoy it would be to consider it a fairy tale with a kinky side. Otherwise, serious frustration could set in as it is not steeped in reality.

There is a good initial set-up with Evan looking for work. He is left completely alone in the world due to his family drama, but is trying hard to pull himself up.

Meeting his employer, Brian, opens something in Evan he never knew was there. He is left constantly thinking about the encounter and craving the next one. This first half of the story is set at a good pace and draws us in to the mystery of Brian, although we only learn just a little bit about him overall.  It then takes on the fairy tale aspect of insta-everything with an older, father figure Prince Charming riding in and saving Evan’s day…year…life.

The writing is visual and mostly well constructed. It’s just due to the length of the story that some complex issues and the ending get squished together in rapid succession that makes it hard to believe. This is a story that can be read in a short amount of time to just give you a quick break from reality.

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