Today I am so pleased to welcome Garrett Leigh to Joyfully Jay. Garrett has come to talk to us about her latest release, Bold (Blue Boy 3). She has also brought along a fabulous giveaway! Please join me in giving Garrett a big welcome!

Bold (Blue Boy 3)


Sonny didn’t call Kai out on his bullshit. Instead, he grabbed his hand and yanked him forward. He pushed him into the dark corner between the corridor and the stage.

Kai’s back hit the cool wall. He shivered and glanced at the burly security guard, who’d stopped but otherwise remained passive and benign.

Sonny held Kai’s face with both hands and stared until Kai squirmed. Sonny had crazy hazel eyes, flecked with gold and mesmerizing, especially when he had something to say. For a moment, Kai thought he was going to kiss him, but he didn’t. He ducked his head and nuzzled Kai’s neck. The gesture was hot and sweet…familiar. Kai had fooled around with Sonny, on and offscreen, more times than he could remember.

Kai’s cock hardened in his tiny underwear. Sonny chuckled and rubbed Kai’s chest again with the palm of his hand, as if he could slow his hammering heart with just his touch. His other hand traveled lower, and he gave Kai’s dick a squeeze rough enough to make Kai’s eyes roll.

“Are you with me?”

Kai nodded. It was a little hard not to be.

Sonny nipped his neck and pulled away. “Let’s go. You go first. I’ll follow.”

“What? No. I don’t want to go on by myself.”

Sonny held Kai’s gaze, steady and sure. “I know. That’s why you have to. If you don’t go on tonight, you’ll reinforce your fear, feed it, and make it worse.”

“I’m not scared.”

“You should be. Some dumbfuck threw a bottle at your head.”

Kai swallowed, dug his teeth into his lip so hard he tasted blood. “What if they come back?”

“And what if they don’t? Come on, Kai. They win if you don’t go on. Is that what you want? Some fucktard with a bottle to rule your life?” Sonny shook Kai. “Let’s go.”

Sonny all but dragged Kai along the corridor and shoved him on stage. Kai tripped over his own feet. The call of the crowd reached him, but the euphoria that usually came with a packed club shouting his name was absent. Kai gripped the pole, scanning the crowd for the assailant he’d never seen. He fumbled on the pole, his hands slick, and the blood roaring in his ears drowned out the bass of the music.

I can’t do this.

Sonny spun onto the stage. He caught Kai from behind and put his lips to his ear. “Breathe, Kai. Stay close to me. Let the music take you.”

I want Matthew. Kai leaned against Sonny, back to chest, and wound his arms around Sonny’s neck. Sonny hummed in Kai’s ear, throaty and low, and danced for the both of them, guiding Kai until he found his way.

Flashing lights, swaying hips. Sonny’s roaming hands. Kai’s favorite dubstep track came on. He closed his eyes and thought of Matthew, thought of the first and last time they’d danced together, before they’d been so violently interrupted. Matthew didn’t have Sonny’s presence or skills, but for Kai, he had all of his magic…more, and he was fast coming to realize there was nothing else. No one else.

Kai had the dance of his life. Only Matthew’s absence stopped the night from being perfect.

He danced with Sonny until the final podium slot came to an end. They spun off the stage together. Their babysitter rolled his eyes and escorted them back to the dressing room. Sonny disappeared into the bathroom, singing at the top of his lungs. Kai laughed and dug out his phone. It was five a.m. in Boston, but he was too buzzed to care. He was flying.

Matthew answered on the third ring. No words, just a sleep-thick mumbled groan that made Kai’s bones feel warm.

“If I tell you something, will you remember in the morning?”


Kai wasn’t convinced. He’d spent a lot of time watching Matthew sleep over the past few weeks, and the guy slept like a dead man. “Hey, Matthew?”


“I wish you were here.”


Bold (Blue Boy 3)

Dancer Kai is the sweetheart of Blue Boy Studio. Cute and petite, he’s the slender bottom every top loves to pound. But nothing is ever quite as it seems, and beneath his golden curls and giggles lies something else…an edge no one can quite put their finger on.

Is Kai bored? Or does he crave something more?

Blue Boy Studio is under new ownership. Veteran porn star Jude has seen it all before, and with the help of Kai’s mentor, Cam, they figure Kai needs a change. Enter Matthew, a fellow dancer and the newbie on the block.

Kai isn’t impressed. Matthew is hot, but Jude and Cam’s plans seem beyond his reach. Can Kai really do…that? He doesn’t believe it, but with Matthew along for the ride, it’s time to be bold and find out.


Garret has brought a great give away to one lucky reader — a e-copy of each book in the Blue Boy series so far! Just leave a comment at the end of the post to enter. The contest ends on Saturday, August 23rd at 11:59 pm EST.

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