new birdHey folks, I am back with this week’s Feature of the Week post. This is a new feature we are running every Sunday afternoon where I share information about something nifty on the blog (and see how hip I am that I use the word “nifty”?) Today’s featured feature is the Q&A page.

What Is It?

The Q&A page covers pretty much everything I could think of that someone might want to know about the blog.  This includes information about me and my reviewers, getting around the site, our reviews, and our guest posts and giveaways.  They are broken down into sections and amazingly, using my childlike HTML skills, there are some cool little jumps in there so you can go right to your questions. Woo hoo for technology!

I have tried to cover everything I could think you might want to know, but if you have questions I didn’t include, feel free to send me an email and pass along your suggestions and I will try to get them in there.

Where Do I Find It?

You can find the Q&A in our red menu bar (sensing a theme? A lot of cool stuff is there).  Just click on the tab and you will go right to the Q&A page.


And that’s all for today! Thanks!

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