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If bodyguard Adam Freeman had his choice, he would avoid guarding stars of the media—television, film, music, you name it. In his opinion, they’re entitled, spoiled, selfish, and don’t listen. But when he’s assigned to protect television super star Logan “Sex God” Brady, Adam has no choice but to accept. Logan has been receiving mysterious threats by way of letters and quite possibly an almost hit and run in the States. Now Logan is scheduled to attend a convention in the UK and is in need of protection after receiving yet another letter stating that “IR,” his stalker, would see him in London. The job is to spend ten days with Logan twenty-four hours a day—from the time he gets off the plane, to the three bedroom suite, to the convention, and on the flight back to the States for the handover to his new and permanent bodyguard.

Logan Brady is used to fans being a little strange. What he’s tired of is hiding. Approaching his thirties and with the end of his contract on Night Cop nearing, Logan finds himself tired of the charade of his own making. His best friend, Stacia, has spent years at his side pretending to be his girlfriend for the cameras while sacrificing her own love life in the shadows. Now with this supposed stalker that Logan isn’t even convinced exists, he’s not sure which way is up. He wants to be honest, but not at the cost of Stacia’s career. He only needs to find a way to do so without hurting her.

Enter Adam. Logan is taken back by the sexy bodyguard who hits all his buttons, but still afraid to make that move. But Logan isn’t stupid. It doesn’t take him long to put two and two together to figure out the actual relationship between Logan and Stacia. The attraction between both men is strong but Adam won’t act on it because he refuses to date a client.

But after an adrenaline rush, in a private moment, Logan kisses Adam and that changes everything. At the suite that night things heat up and Adam makes Logan promise that anything intimate stays in private. But when pictures surface of Stacia and her bodyguard/fiancée kissing, Logan rushes out of the closet publicly to protect her and into the path of the crazy that has had his eye on Logan from the beginning.

Hi. My name is Crissy and I am absolutely, head over heels addicted to in the closet pretty boys who are tired of hiding. Also I have a thing for out and proud, hunky beefcake bodyguards too. This could be a thing. I think I’ve found my support group here at Joyfully Jay, and thankfully I’ve found exactly what I need in love in this book.

Logan Brady is a star among stars who can have and do pretty much whatever he wants. He doesn’t really care about the fallout that coming out would have on his career, but he’s dragged Stacia into his charade and refuses to damage her career. I love this about Logan. I get that hiding who he was in the beginning was what he did for his career, but he’s ready to have a life and wants to do it on his own terms. He’s a strong character with a good head on his shoulders and a good friend. I love his passion for his friends and fans. His compassionate and caring for his fans in a way I didn’t expect. Adam Freeman doesn’t hide who he is but he is a master at secrets. It’s his job. So when he discovers Logan’s secret, he holds on to it, protects it, and that’s what gains him Logan’s trust more than anything. Their relationship is back and forth, a volley of sorts. They don’t want to do it, then they do, then they don’t want to hurt one another. It’s sweet until the end where it stretches on just a tad too long. But overall their relationship is sweet and, lordy, so hot.

So the story itself is good. There are a few layers to pick through, which kept me interested throughout this book. The whole vampire-role television star stalked by an unknown entity add a level of mystery and tension to the story. Adam is always on guard and Logan doesn’t really believe he’s in danger until he does (vague, I know.) Then there’s the whole closet case falls for out and proud. This is always appealing to me. In this case, it builds tension in that Logan wants Adam and he says that he wants to be honest with his fans and with the public, but he still holds back until his hand is forced. I wouldn’t say it causes too much tension in their relationship, but it does add a level of drama. What is there is Adam. For Logan, being in the closet is a way of life, and Adam stands beside him and supports him to the point that Logan wants to make that move if only to be able to kiss the man he loves in public. When he’s not working of course. Then there’s the actual action of this story, the mystery. It’s good. I’ll be honest. I figured it out way before it happened. Maybe not the entire thing, but a lot of it. Luckily that didn’t take away from what the author was trying to do with the story.

As always, Scott’s writing captivated me. This book is smoothly written and paced well, minus a part or two dragged out for the sake of Logan and Adam’s relationship. The emotion and tension felt through this author’s words are wonderful. I love it. It’s why I continue to read her work.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. Two strong men finding one another only to turn over a new chapter in their lives. It’s a lovely story of what one man thinks of as not his cup of tea becoming his one and only. I loved this book and can’t wait to see what’s next in this series. I especially can’t wait for Kyle and Ross’s story. I recommend Bodyguard to a Sex God by R.J. Scott.

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