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Length: Short Story

It’s been a few weeks since we met up with Scott and Robbie, and in that time, the men have moved into their new apartment and separate bedrooms. While Robbie is off picking up his kids, Scott makes the trip to Phoenix to visit his mother, a trip he both dreaded and longed for. After a wonderful discussion in which she asks about Robbie and their relationship, Scott’s plans were to visit Danny. But the thought of seeing Danny still haunts him, so he allows himself to be distracted by the news of a big fire. Upon his arrival, Scott is greeted by a news crew who asks him about the one fire he wants to forget. Then he’s told by his friend and counterpart that he needs to move on with his life because he will never again fight fires.

Armed with two new puppies and his children, Robbie returns to Mountain Shadows and to his home with Scott. Determined to show Scott they can be a family, Robbie suggests they move into the same room, which Scott declines. After the barbeque Scott planned for Robbie and his kids’ return, Scott and Robbie agree to open up about all the secrets they’ve been keeping from one another. When it’s all out of the way, their lives seem to be on the right course, until tragedy strikes again.

Flare-Up is the fourth installment in Laura Harner’s Fighting Fire series, the thirteenth book in the Pulp Friction 2014 world.

These guys are trying to kill me. That’s my only explanation. Since day one, I have loved Scott and Robbie and their struggle to find and keep one another. If it’s not one thing, it’s another in their lives and I cheer with each step they make in the direction of progress. But geez, for every step forward there are like six steps back. I want so hard for them to have a happy ending, but obviously it’s going to come at some price.

As always this story is fast paced and full of emotion. It’s a rollercoaster ride of angst, fear, attraction, lust, and love. And the addition of Robbie’s kids is perfection. It adds sweet and cute to the already heart-wrenching lives of Scott and Robbie. And I absolutely adore Kat and Sam, especially Sam and his “we can all be a family” attitude.

Once again, Laura Harner unsettles me just enough to keep me off guard. Just when I think I have a hold on this series, she finds a new twist, a new surprise to send me spiraling. I love her writing, so able to draw me into a story emotionally. So much so that I feel what Scott and Robbie feel. It’s the mark of a wonderful author, which is what I count Harner. I cannot wait for the final story in this series, if only to hold out hope that these guys will get their happy ending. Please.

I highly recommend Laura Harner’s Flare-Up and the entire Fighting Fire series.

Note: Each short story in this series is meant to be read in order, otherwise you’ll miss critical information and most likely end up confused.

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