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When saving himself and Alrin from an angel puts Korin into a deep sleep, Telmé sits by his side, certain that he’ll never recover from the despair that threatens to take him over if Korin doesn’t wake up.

Twenty-seven years ago, Prince of Blood candidate Telmé could barely stand the sight of Korin. In fact, at sixteen they pretty much hated each other, their meetings ending in fist fights and broken noses when they should have been focused on their studies and future marriage. As future Commander of the Legion and future High Priest, Telmé’s and Korin’s lives were meant for bigger things than the bickering that surrounded them daily. Then Princess Emeresa visits Gulbrandsen in hopes that her kingdom will bring pure blood back to Tria Noor. Telmé is captivated by the beautiful princess, much to Korin’s dismay.

Once again punished for another argument, Telmé and Korin are sent to Telmé’s rooms while the rest of the castle celebrates the arrival of the princess. That evening, tragedy strikes Gulbandsen when two-thirds of the castle is killed by poison. Telmé would have died had Korin not been with him. Now the only surviving Prince of Blood, or almost Prince of Blood, Telmé tries to step up and fill the shoes of the deceased Princes. But the realm still treats him like a child so his next step is to become a Prince of Blood. But he can’t find the Book of Blood so he goes to Korin. Korin doesn’t want to help at first, but eventually gives in.

Now a Prince of Blood, Telmé sets out to prove his worth and help the Legion, only to continue to be treated as a child. In fact, the entire kingdom disregards him. Finally, turning to Korin, Telmé finds something he never knew he had: support, confidence, and love. But then Korin turns away from him to focus on his studies as High Priest.

Feeling abandoned and alone, Telmé debates leaving Tria Noor for good, either by himself or with Princess Emeresa and her entourage, but he wants to give his home the benefit of the doubt. Howver, there is a deeper evil afoot and Telmé must discover it before a permanent end comes to his family, to Korin, and to Tria Noor.

In Despair is the third and final book in the Princes of the Blood trilogy.

Oh my god! You guys, I’ve loved this series from the very beginning—I mean absolutely everything. But this final book in the trilogy couldn’t have been more perfect. From Of Last Resort and into With Pride, we’ve heard of Telmé and Korin and their struggle as children to rebuild a kingdom struck by tragedy. And finally—finally!—we get that story, and what a story it is. It’s amazing, and it’s so hard for me not to tell you absolutely everything about this story because I loved it so much. SO much! So here I go… trying not to give too much away.

In Despair is the perfect title for this book in more ways than one. This book begins eleven months after Of Last Resort ends with Korin still unconscious but alive. Telmé is at his side every day, already handing over the reins of the Princes to Raffé. Telmé awaits whatever tragedy is to come. While waiting with Korin, he remembers the tragedy of his past, of their past—the fight they put up, the struggle they face, and the battle they won. Despair has colored their pasts and their current situation.

Telmé and Korin play big roles in the entire trilogy, so by the time I made it to this book I was dying for their story. To see their past, to know where it all began is fantastic. The contrast between the older, more mature guys as opposed to the bratty, jealous boys adds another layer of depth to this series. A level of humanity and believability. This is their coming of age. This story is where Telmé and Korin grow up and not only find themselves but find what they never expected in one another.

Beautifully written, this book stands out from the other two in the trilogy in so many ways. First and foremost is that the main characters are the youngest in all the stories, because the beginning of Telmé’s and Korin’s stories began in their childhood. It’s not exactly a YA book, although I wouldn’t be surprised to find YA readers love it as much as I do. Although, in order to get to this book, one would really need to read the other two books and they are most certainly not YA. Second, this story begins with an established couple, so readers already know that they end up together, but the journey to that point is the real story here. And oh my, it is a heart pounding, breathtaking story.

And still, here in the last book of the trilogy, this world is ever growing. More demons, new creatures, and the beginnings of new bonds. And we also get to see the inner workings of the kingdom—from the Blooding (which we were introduced to in book one) to the crown to the Church of the Sacred Three. In the second book there is mention of incubi, in this book we get to really see them and their workings. I love this world and I’m a little sad that this is the last book.

I love, love, love this book and this series. And this book… like I said: there couldn’t be a better finale to this trilogy. I am even more in love with Telmé and Korin than I was in Of Last Resort. I highly, highly recommend In Despair by Megan Derr.

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