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Length: Short Story

It’s taken the entire time Cannon has been at Mountain Shadows to realize he’s been falling for Finn since day one, but now he has two problems. One, he has yet to tell Finn how he feels and wants the moment to be perfect. Two, his time filling in for a professor on maternity leave is has come to an end, but he has plans. If only he can get Finn to wait for him.

Finn knows the time has come for Cannon to go back to Atlanta, even though he’s sure he’ll never find that kind of love again. Finn’s only fear is Cannon discovering Finn’s plethora of secrets—his brother’s legal issues and his stalker student—before he leaves. So he pushes Cannon away, the heartbreak almost too much to handle. Better to hurt now than to hurt Cannon later.

But Cannon is not one to give up easily, and when all is said and done, nothing Finn says or does can protect them from what is coming their way.

Out in the Cold is the fourth installment of Lee Brazil’s In from the Cold series, part of Pulp Friction 2014, and ohmigod, it’s the best of all! I’m torn between cheering Finn and Cannon forever and screaming at the injustice of the cliffhanger ending. I’m dying—do you hear me?—dying for the next story. Like now. It’s taken four books for Cannon to wake the hell up and when he finally does all hell breaks loose, but not until the final scene. And it’s breathtaking. Brazil is an excellent wordsmith in that he captures my attention in those moments with the words and emotions and puts me right there alongside the characters, in the midst of the tension, and there is definitely tension. Dying. It’s the good kind of dying though. Now don’t get me wrong, the stressful, draining intensity is not all this story is made of. It’s only a mere fraction, a very small fraction, but it’s the very last bit and therefore the freshest on my mind.

This story is also very sweet. Cannon has spent months running from his attraction to Finn and when he finally gives in, he falls head over heels in love. He opens up, tells his life story, his hopes, and his fears. He gives Finn all of him. And Finn holds back. Cannon’s not stupid, he knows it, but he also knows that Finn will eventually open up. Finn on the other hand is struggling with protection the world. If there’s one man in this entire Pulp Friction Flagstaff world who suffers from a superhero complex, it’s Finn Lorensson. Doing his best to protect his brother from his accuser and Cannon without him knowing. His secrets are eating away at him. And I think they’re about to get the best of him.

Seriously, the next book is sure to be epic, and I, for one, and on pins and needles until it lands on my Kindle. I highly recommend Out in the Cold by Lee Brazil.

Note: Out in the Cold is the fourth book in the In from the Cold series and must be read in order.

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