paleoRating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novella

After the death of their parents, Oliver lives in a small apartment with his sisters and works at a local bakery. His dream is finally coming true when he receives an acceptance letter to culinary school.

While cutting through the park, Oliver happens upon Corvin who is visibly upset. While Oliver is instantly drawn to the mysterious Corvin and gets the brush off, he continues to think about him for days. When a cupcake delivery has the guys meeting face to face again, there is a clear spark of attraction. Although Corvin has visible scars on his body that he is sensitive about, Oliver finds him beautiful, and one kiss has Oliver determined to make Corvin his.

Learning that Corvin only eats from the Paleo diet, Oliver immerses himself into learning all he can so he can cook for Corvin and win his heart.  Increasingly possessive, Corvin has secrets that Oliver is determined to know, but the past and Corvin’s family has the potential to keep them apart.

Oliver and Corbin are both likable guys and both had interesting stories, but there was just a lot to focus on for a short book. Oliver and Corbin are instantly attracted to each other and a physical relationship is ready to happen before they even know each other’s names. Oliver is so clearly taken with Corvin and, after learning of his dietary needs, he throws himself into perfecting cupcakes and meals for Corvin. He really has a desire to care for Corvin and nourish him. They are both alone for different reasons, primarily through circumstance and not by choice. The sexual relationship happens quickly, there are instant declarations of love, and Corvin is instantly possessive. Secrets and Corvin’s family issues round out the full plate that these guys have to deal with.

We get a sense of Oliver’s insecurities, although perhaps misplaced at times. When Corvin does not give him his full attention at the park, Oliver immediately thinks it’s because of his ethnicity or because he is a guy. He just never thinks it could be because Corvin is practically crying in the park. The book is called Paleo and a lot of time is devoted to Oliver perfecting food that Corvin can eat. When all is revealed, there were only a few lines devoted to exactly why Corvin is following this eating style. It certainly was the focal point of the book, but fell a bit short in the discovery aspect. Corvin’s family, specifically his father, is brought in, and we would have benefitted from some more time to fully understand all of the father’s actions.

The story, including the sex scenes, was well written. The guys connect great sexually, but Corvin’s possessiveness comes out almost immediately and it was harder to connect to it without the time for it to be fully developed.

While the book did try to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time with many issues brought in along the way, the storyline and the characters on this one was good overall and ultimately it is a quick read if you are looking for a hurt/comfort themed book.

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