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After his birthday celebration, Josh wakes up with a strange man in his bed and no recollection of how they got there. With hopes of the stranger being gone soon, Josh stumbles into the bathroom for a shower, only to discover two red and painful pin pricks on the side of his neck. Thinking he’s got a guy who thinks himself a vampire in his bed, Josh storms out of the bathroom in search of answers only to find his room empty.

Two days later, Josh discovers his mystery man, Quinn, is the new employee Josh has been tasked to help get his computer up and running. When his best friend bails on him for lunch, Josh finds himself with only Quinn for company. Deciding to ignore the strangeness that was their night together, Josh attempts normal conversation, only mentioning the painful bite to his neck. Then more weirdness: Quinn lures Josh to the restroom where he heals the wound and does something funny with his eyes. At first Josh doesn’t remember, but then he does and Quinn runs instead of discussing it. But Josh can’t leave it alone. When Quinn doesn’t show up for work the next day, Josh is determined to find out what is going on no matter what.

Quality Assurance by Sasha L. Miller is part of the Paranormal Days series by Sasha L. Miller and Megan Derr.

Looking for a quick and adorable summer read with possibly the world’s sweetest vampire ever? Quality Assurance is it. This author does a great job of taking a common trope and making it attractive and fun. Josh and Quinn are cute. Josh is just a guy who occasionally has a hook up or two that he’d rather not see in the morning. He’s very relatable and likable. But Quinn is the highlight of this story. A vampire at birth, Quinn is more or less a screw up and has always been. He’s the vampire version of a klutz and I love the vulnerability it gives him. But geez, his likability factor is through the roof.

And this world is such a good one. Day-walking vampires who work everyday jobs. I love the normalcy of it. This world is your everyday world, my everyday world, with a mix of paranormal surprise. It’s endearing.

The story here is nothing spectacular, yet it’s fabulous in its struggle. Josh’s journey to discover who and what Quinn is solidifies the base of this story. The strength of this story is in the ups and downs between Josh and Quinn. It’s not angst-ridden or frustrating, but it is fun. I like the conclusion. The one thing that caught me off guard was the appearance of Quinn’s brother, who is sort of part of Beach Remedy—another story in this series. He sort of comes out of left field and is only there for the briefest of moments.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It was a breath of fresh air in a world of either scary or sparkly vampires. This one is just plain cute. I definitely recommend Quality Assurance by Sasha L. Miller.

Note: Though Quality Assurance is part of the Paranormal Days series, each book in this series can be read as a standalone story. And yes, I’ve read and liked all three.

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