Rockin' the AlternativeRating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Short Story

Bryan Gallagher is all about the music. When he was 12, Aubrey King’s album ignited his passion for music and soulful lyrics. Bryan has followed Aubrey’s career and credits the singer for inspiring him to become a rock journalist.

Aubrey has been out of the spotlight for ten years and is working on a comeback album. He is also looking for someone to write his memoir where he can tell his story, his way, and he knows Bryan’s passionate writing and understanding of music makes him the perfect choice. Not to mention Aubrey thinks Bryan is quite easy on the eyes.

Bryan has the chance of a lifetime to meet and work with his musical obsession. Questions about Aubrey’s sexual preferences have always surrounded him and Aubrey’s intense gaze triggers something completely unexpected in Bryan. Bryan has to decide if Aubrey is for real or if he is just trying to satisfy his fetish for seducing the straight guy.

Short stories-love them or hate them-they work or they don’t. Rockin’ the Alternative, well, it rocks.

Aubrey has hand picked Bryan to write his memoir and Bryan cannot believe he is meeting his rock idol. Sure Aubrey has had his share of men, but he is looking for the one, not the one who only wants to bed a rock star, but the one who gets him and gets his music. Bryan gets the music, but has never entertained the idea of being with a man. Aubrey is a bit lonely and Bryan is a bit star struck.

The story is about the one day and night the men meet. It’s erotic, it’s vulnerable, it’s honest, and it’s life changing for both men as they spend the night exploring each other.

It does end a bit abruptly, maybe too neatly inside their own bubble, and these guys would certainly have plenty of material for a longer novel.

A recommended, steamy quick read.

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