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Length: Novella

With the walls of his small town closing in around him, Jacob Donnelley makes the decision to move on to bigger and maybe better things in New York City, so the night before he’s set to leave he decides to give the town one last hurrah! At TJ’s Tavern, the town’s only sort of gay friendly place, Jacob spots Cash, a dark, beautiful man he’s never seen before. After a heated conversation that leads to a heavy makeout session in the bathroom, Jacob follows Cash to his hotel room to spend the most amazing night of his life, something he never thought possible. And even though he snuck out the next morning, Jacob thinks about postponing his trip to see if there was anything worthwhile between him and Cash. That is until Jacob is introduced to Cash and his real purpose for being in town.

Cash Warner can’t get the man from the night before out of his head, but he’s back in town for a reason, and while he’s there, he needs to drop by his ex’s house and have a conversation. Imagine his surprise when he finds out that his ex-boyfriend, Eric, who declares he still loves Cash and wants to try again, is Jacob’s brother. The heat and passion between him and Jacob is unparalleled by anything he’s ever felt and Cash is certain he’ll never find it with anyone else, not even Eric. There was a reason they never worked in the first place.

Torn, Cash begs Jacob to stay, but Jacob won’t be dissuaded. He won’t hurt his brother. So he leaves and swears to himself that he will never return, that he will give his brother every chance to be happy with the man he loves—no matter how much it kills Jacob inside.

Three years later, Jacob is guilted into returning home for a visit but he’s not looking forward to seeing Cash again. Three years and half a continent is not nearly enough time or distance to get over the man he still calls out for in the heat of the moment, which is why Jacob is currently on a break from his boyfriend. But trying to avoid Cash and attempting to ignore his brother’s adoration for him is not an easy task. And staying away from one another is not nearly as easy as they would like it to be. When temptation becomes too much, a rift is torn in the family, but when tragedy strikes, it’s up to Jacob to pull them all back together. And he may find that his biggest ally is the one man he never thought he’d have again.

Oh my god, the feels. Seriously, Avril Ashton was obviously trying to kill me with the stress of this story and she did a damn good job of it. If you’ve read Avril Ashton before, be forewarned that this is not the tatted, rugged bad boy meets superhero, cop-next-door. No, this one is boy looking for way out of small town meets the answer to both his dreams and worst nightmares. This one is purely romance without a side of suspense, and guys, it’s so damn good. The angst and emotional level of this story is off the charts. I wasn’t sure about it at first. And mostly it was because I couldn’t see it working, Oh, ye of little faith. I will never doubt again. The author does a great job of keeping readers guessing in this story. I had questions jumping around my head the entire time I was reading and never once did I guess how things would end.

Jacob and Cash are optimal characters and I absolutely adore them as individuals and as a couple. Jacob is so selfless, sacrificing the man he wants for his brother’s happiness, because that’s what Eric did for him once upon a time. Then Cash tries with all he’s worth to be everything that Eric needs, but there’s always something missing. These guys aren’t perfect. They’re liars and deceivers, but they have good intentions. Their situation isn’t perfect. It’s shady and gritty and difficult. It drags both guys, and readers along with them, through the mud. But they make it out a little worse for the wear in the end, maybe with a few more bumps and bruises. And in true Avril Ashton fashion, I’m not entirely sure my kindle didn’t overheat during the lovemaking scenes. Dear God, even the bathroom makeout was steamy.

And can I just say how much I love the subtle and seamless way this author creates an interracial relationship without making it about the fact that it’s an interracial relationship. There’s almost nothing I love better than a chocolate/vanilla combo, and geez, this author knows how to write them, and write them well, but she doesn’t make the relationship about that. She makes their differences sexy and sensual and fluid without standing out. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I need to go reread these guys.

One final note: although there is a bit of a love triangle dynamic here (though no romantic relationship between the brothers), there is no technical cheating in this book. Unless you consider a kiss cheating. Although you could definitely argue emotional cheating.

I love this story. It’s hard for me to think about without my chest filling with emotion, mostly because Jacob and Cash didn’t ask to fall in love and the drama that ensues could have definitely been avoided with a little bit of honesty, but then where would this story have been? I am head over heels for these guys and this book. It’s emotional and heartbreaking and intensely beautiful. I highly recommend So Far Gone by Avril Ashton.

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