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Chance is happy in his relationship with Rory and now that they’re on stable ground, the last thing he wants to do is rock the boat, but he’s worried about his friend and former lover, Cannon. When Rory finally tells him to call Cannon (after all he’s become pretty close to the doctor too), Chance does. While on the phone with Cannon, who’s still in Flagstaff, the phone call is cut off with a “What the fuck?” from Cannon. Chance and Rory drop everything to fly to Flagstaff certain that something is wrong, especially since they can’t reach Cannon again by phone. If nothing else, they can count it as a long weekend and maybe even enjoy themselves if Cannon is okay.

Taking Chances is a bonus story and the second book in the Pulp Friction 2014 Elemental Connections series, which connects characters from past series written by the Pulp Friction authors to this new Pulp Friction 2014 series set in Flagstaff. Taking Chances is a story of Chance and Rory from Lee Brazil’s Chances Are series (Pulp Friction 2013).

Okay, if you’ve read my past reviews, you’ve seen me mention that I’ve not read the Pulp Friction 2013 series yet. That problem has since been resolved, and I’m all the happier for it. Especially now that I’ve had the chance to read this new story from Lee Brazil. I love that Brazil has brought two of my fave Atlanta characters to Flagstaff with their mutual concern of their friend and Chance’s ex-lover.

And here’s the greatest thing about them. Chance and Rory are not perfect. They’ve been through hell and back, as has Cannon. Chance still makes rash decisions and Rory is still a little insecure. But their relationship has already weathered the storm, so their mistakes are easily talked out. I love that their relationship is so stable now that the little mishaps that come their way hardly make waves. I love to see the level of their growth since Chances Are. They’re still one of my favorite couples.

I love the way this story combines two worlds. Cannon was obviously part of the Atlanta world in Pulp Friction 2013, and even readers who haven’t read the series can piece that together. But to see the interaction between the guys again is so good. Even Cannon. To see his growth and his lack of dependence on his past relationship with Chance is a huge step.

There’s not a lot of action in this short, which is kind of a different approach to Chance and Rory. This story focuses more on their growth and romance and their friendship with Cannon. It’s good, but not as high heat/tension that I’m used to with these two, which in a way is reassuring. It’s not bad, just different.

I really enjoyed this short, and I wouldn’t hate to see more of Chance and Rory in Flagstaff before they head on back to Atlanta. I definitely recommend Taking Chances by Lee Brazil.

Note: This story is meant to be read in conjunction with the Pulp Friction 2014 books. The timing places this book in between Blown Hard by Havan Fellows and Tremors by T.A. Webb.

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