Today I am so pleased to welcome T.T. Kove to Joyfully Jay. T.T.  has come to talk to us about her latest release, More Than Anything. She has also brought along a great give away. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

Origins of the More series

These characters used to belong to quite a different series than the one its become now. About 9-10 years ago (really? That long ago?) I was still writing in Norwegian and wrote a series of novels called Nemesis. It was paranormal, supernatural, dealing with powers and angels and whatnot. It had a whole cast of characters, and Jørgen and Geir were always a couple.

That hasn’t changed. If it had, this book wouldn’t be here, would it? But the way in which it happens has changed a lot. Back in the original series, Jørgen saved Geir from bullies and Geir kept his epilepsy a secret from Jørgen. Not so much in More Than Anything, because here an epileptic seizure starts their whole epic journey.

I took many characters from the original series, stripped off all paranormal elements and was left with the family and friends and their stories, sans the angels. I moved them to an unnamed town in America, and most of them had a name-change for a while. But when they came back talking last year (they were supposed to be dead and buried, but alas, they came back to life), I knew I had to go back to their origins. Norwegian names, living in a small town in Norway. It’s based on my hometown.

I like writing about Norway. No one else does in this genre. (Or do they? If this is the case, please send me links!) Norway is my country, and though I might bitch and moan about it, it’s my home. It’s what I know, it’s what I love. And these characters… they were born Norwegian. Moving them to America… that didn’t work. (What do I know about America, after all?)

More Than Anything is a book about dealing with a traumatic past, about dealing with an illness that will never go away, about love and hope and healing. But it’s a long way, and some things can’t ever be healed completely. But they try. And this was basically the same premise for Nemesis to. Deep down, it’s still the same story. It’s just the story-telling that’s become a lot better.


KoveTT_-_MoreThanAnything_Teaser01Geir was sitting on one of the red benches scattered around the trail, and at his feet was a black Labrador with its head resting on his knees. Geir was stroking the dog’s head lovingly.

It had been a week and one day since I’d met him at the school. I hadn’t seen or spoken to him since. What were the odds that I’d actually meet him on my walk? Pretty darn big, apparently. I contemplated for a second turning away and walking back the way I’d come, but the simple sight of him made my skin crawl a bit less, and I found myself inexplicably drawn towards him.

“Hey.” I announced my presence before approaching him any further, simply because that was what I preferred. It could end really badly if people snuck up on me, but on the other hand not everyone was as broken as I was.

His head shot up and for a moment he looked startled, maybe even a touch afraid, but he relaxed instantly once he caught sight of me. The smile he gave me then was enough to make my skin crawl in a way entirely unrelated to my nightmares and memories. It was disconcerting, but at the same time… Maybe it was good? I’d never really had anything good, so I had no idea what it was supposed to feel like.

“Hey, Jørgen.” He seemed genuinely pleased to see me.



Arriving home after work one evening, Jørgen sees a young man who looks adrift and out of place—and who promptly has a seizure on the pavement. Jørgen takes care of him until the seizure passes and then, not knowing who to contact, takes care of him for the night. After giving the kid, Geir, a ride home the next morning, he expects that to be the end of it.

He doesn’t expect Geir to be a student at the vocational school where Jørgen works as an electrician. He definitely does not expect to be drawn to Geir time and again, to want things that will never be possible for two people with more obstacles between them than can ever be overcome.


T.T. Kove has been writing stories since she knew how to, though they did not always involve gay boys as they now do. Now she also occasionally writes about gay girls. A fantasy setting is the current obsession, but T.T. also writes contemporary romances—some of them quite erotic.

A native of Norway, T.T. loves the country—in fiction. In real life, she wishes it could be warmer. T.T. works a regular job by day, and spends the rest of her time writing. Her iPad is her best friend, and it travels with her everywhere she goes, but at home the Mac rules the house.

If you have any comments, questions or other feedback, you can contact T. T. at You can also visit T.T.’s website at and her blog at


T.T. has a Rafflecopter giveaway running during her tour for free copies of More Than Anything.  Just follow the link below to enter. 

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