small_newsHi folks! Just a quick update that I have now added links to Amazon UK to the blog.  You can find them in a few places:

  • On the sidebar, in the Shop box (about 2/3 of the way down the page). There is a text link in the box that takes you right there.
  • On my Shop page on the red menu bar. That takes you to a page with links to Amazon, ARe, and Amazon UK, along with my Joyfully Jay Cafe Press store.
  • In each review, at the top next to the cover art, along with the links to Amazon and ARe.  I will be adding them to all reviews going forward, but I am probably not going to be able to go back and add them to all the old reviews just because we have so many.

You can also get the link right here!

Amazon UK


As with the US Amazon and ARe, Joyfully Jay gets a small referral bonus when you guys shop there when following a link from my blog. You don’t have to buy books; anything you buy in the same shopping session after following a link will give credit to the blog. The money helps to support all sort of blog activities, so I really appreciate all your support.


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