Burnin' for YouRating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel

This book contains two novellas, Burnin’ for You and Where There’s Smoke. They are packaged together in one book.

Burnin’ For You

Another bottle. Lucas is looking to find the bottom of yet another bottle. Drowning his pain one year after his partner Ryan was killed in a fire, NYC fireman Lucas cannot move on. Enter tall, good looking Evan. New in town, Evan is celebrating his new job and cannot keep his eyes off of Lucas.

One night. Lucas needs one night to forget and one night to feel someone’s hands on him so he can pretend it’s Ryan. But that one night awakens desire Lucas thought he would never feel again.

Arriving at work after their night together, Lucas realizes his hookup Evan is the new paramedic at the fire station. Lucas tells Evan it was all a mistake and nothing will ever happen again, for Lucas has vowed never to become involved with someone on the job after losing Ryan to it. Lucky for Lucas that Evan won’t take no for an answer.

Where There’s Smoke

Five months later, Lucas is fully recovered and has almost completed his training to become a paramedic. Decisions quickly must be made whether to change stations for an open paramedic job or follow his Captain’s suggestion of becoming a Lieutenant.

Life with Evan is better than Lucas could have ever imagined as they are in love and fully committed to each other. But, when Lucas saves a man from a fire, he finds himself with a dangerous obsessed stalker and Evan has an altercation with a victim’s husband that not only brings back painful memories, but could cost him his career.

As the first story opens, we see that Lucas is a well respected fireman who is haunted and tormented after watching his partner and fellow firefighter, Ryan, die in an explosion. A lot gets packed into these pages. There is hot first night sex, emotional, need you now shower sex, and intense falling in love sex. There are on-site call scenes with drama, fires, and injuries.

Lucas and Evan connect instantly and then Lucas shuts it all down. We see why Lucas is reacting this way, but Evan doesn’t know what is going on. Emotions and feelings move fast and even when Lucas hasn’t been that nice to Evan and it’s only been a few days, Evan says he is falling in love with Lucas. The guys actually do speak to each other and Lucas is open and honest with Evan about why he can’t have a relationship with him. Evan is not deterred easily and when the guys begin a relationship, Lucas’ fears may just become reality as life for a fireman and paramedic certainly does not come without danger.

Where There’s Smoke shows Lucas and Evan moving forward in their relationship. The scenes with the two of them are still appropriately scorching for two men working in a fire station. There is a lot of drama here for both guys that hits really close to home in their new relationship. There is stalker drama, domestic violence drama, and man, these guys keep getting injured.

A couple of things that were of note: All of the firemen at the station are introduced with their specific ages, but we never learn Lucas’ age. Evan is described as the “younger man” all the way through both books, even at the very end of the second book he is still the “younger man.” My e-reader allows me to search and see just how many times the phrase was used, and well, let’s just say that Evan is most definitely the “younger man” and the phrase really was just over used. Lucas and Evan work together at the same station, go on calls together, and then become paramedic partners. When Lucas has life threatening injuries, Evan works to save his life on the way to the hospital. My impression has always been that family members or partners in that branch of service could not work the same shifts and that aspect stuck out at me.

Overall, this is a well written, steamy, easy to read story about two guys falling in love in the middle of the chaos of a busy fire station.

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