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There are a few times when I read a book and am faced with reviewing it where I would simply like to say, “I adored this book, please just go buy it…now.” There are so many reasons to love J.C. Wallace’s book, Curiosity Killed Shaney. The first and foremost is Shaney himself. A total screw-up in every sense of the word, Shaney is about as ADHD as you can get and still survive. His sincerity and downright sweet heart make him one of the most huggable characters to have come along in some time. Couple him with a mountain of a man, Hudson, who wants nothing more than to ground and protect dear Shaney and you have this wonderful match seemingly made in heaven.

The only problem is that these two men are trapped in some weird electrical fifth dimension of hell. You see Shaney is not what he appears and Hudson’s own father had a hand in creating the man Shaney is today. One false move on Shaney’s part into an occult chalk circle and the power that has lain dormant in him for so many years is suddenly unleashed and nearly killing him to boot. Now there is a mad dash to save Shaney from the clutches of a truly evil mastermind who is intent on coupling his own powers to Shaney’s and have them rule the world together.

Curiosity Killed Shaney was part supernatural thriller and part romance. This story catapults onto the page and its relentless pace never slacks off, leaving you gasping at times at the crazy turn of events and twists that lead to a whole new realm of problems poor Shaney and Hudson must combat. Thankfully they are surrounded by a fun set of secondary characters who alternately seem intent on killing poor Shaney and saving him. But it is Hudson who is the real hero in this relationship for it is he who will help keep Shaney not only alive but focused on the task at hand—destroying a witch/mad scientist who can literally destroy the world if he has the least amount of access to Shaney’s considerable powers.

To be honest, there was so very little not to like—no, love about this novel. The feelings between Hudson and Shaney were spot on and so beautifully developed. The friends that came to help alternated between crazy and crazier and they kept this story and Shaney from becoming a whiny mess. Author J.C. Wallace used a clever premise concerning electrical power, that admittedly got a bit involved at times when being explained, in order to give Shaney his extraordinary power boost. As each little secret was revealed concerning Shaney’s origins the story just continued to become more intricate and fascinating. The plot never faltered, the pacing was excellent and I never felt lost or confused despite the growing side cast and the varied story line. This was one of the best sci-fi/supernatural novels I have read to date. Fast paced, funny and just terribly sweet to the end, I fell in love with dear Shaney and his band of merry men. I cannot say enough good about this novel so I leave it with just this: I highly recommend Curiosity Killed Shaney to you! It was an outstanding novel and one well worth the read!

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